Gerald: Arsene Wenger's recent signings to make more powerful

Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard said in a recent interview, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger help the  team to sign fifa 17 xbox one coins the player so that Arsenal become more powerful. Arsenal since 2004 did not win the league title, Gunners coach Arsene Wenger's transfer strategy is often criticized, but Gerrard believes that in recent years Arsenal signed by Cech, Mustafi

Dec 09,2016

If you miss the war in Europe, Schalke will sell Meyer or Goreczka?

If Schalke missed next season's European qualification, they may be forced to sell  cheap fifa 17 coins  a player next summer. "Bild," said the current distance from the war zone there are 7 points gap Schalke absence of next season's European war, they will lose at least 10 million European entry bonus, in charge of Haider will have to sell Meyer and Gorez Schalke is a

Dec 08,2016

Guardiola: Manchester United have the ability to enter the top four

                   Although Manchester United have been ranked fourth in the Premiership Manchester City 9 points, but fut 17 coins Guardiola that Manchester United did not withdraw from the top four battle.Manchester City and the Celtics in the Champions League before the conference to Guardiola asked whether Manch

Dec 07,2016

Neville: This Manchester United failed to kick out Mourinho has always been the style

Gary - Neville statement said Manchester United often exposed the "weak" will  buy fifa 17 coins  Mourinho "feel sad." Ibrahimovic in the first half to help Manchester United to open the scoring, followed by the second half, off the bench Felaini foul on Gay, Everton thus received a penalty, Baines penalty kick overnight to help Everton equalized the scor

Dec 06,2016

Rummenigge: Guardiola under the Bayern coach the most beautiful

Bayern Munich chairman Rummenigge recently accepted the "Le Monde" interview, in the fifa 17 coins   interview Rummenigge expressed his appreciation for the former coach Guardiola, while Rummenigge talked about the successor to Bayern Rahm prospects . "We believe in him," said Rummenigge, referring to Rahm's succession as head coach of Bayern Munich. &quo

Dec 05,2016

Wilshire: To use the performance to convince Arsenal to give me a new contract

Arsenal loaned in Bournemouth Wilshire hinted that his future is still Arsenal, he wanted to get fifa 17 ps4 coins from Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger's contract extension. Wilshere and Arsenal's current contract expires in 2018, after Wenger also said he has been concerned about Wilshire, he may be in the New Year or so when negotiations with the Wilshire. And now Wilshire also said that

Dec 02,2016

Goal offer the dead, Cavani goal after the mourning Shapi Kernes

  Paris Saint-Germain in the current round of the French league home 2-0 win over Angers, before the game won the French Football Association, he awarded the October player of the year award, the game Cavani also used the goal to help  fifa 17 points  Paris Saint-Germain  home victory. In the penalty after the penalty, Cavani took off his shirt, his sports underwe

Dec 01,2016

Chapecords Vice-President: The whole city is crying

Shapaikorns vice-chairman Ivan - Duozzo said that the team learned that the flight crashed, the whole city into grief, the cheap fifa 17 coins players are gathered at the stadium waiting for more news. Chapeco, a city in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil, is home to about 200,000 people, and Ivan Dozzo says the city is now in tears. "We are very sad, we all gathered in the locker

Nov 30,2016

Azal: Chelsea will compete for the title with Liverpool City

  Chelsea core Azar believes that they will compete with Liverpool and Manchester City this season's Premiership champions. 13 rounds of Chelsea to 1 minute advantage of the Premiership standings topped the list, the next round they will be a strong challenge to Manchester City. When asked who could give Chelsea a threat, Azar said: "Manchester City and Liverpool, the two teams are gr

Nov 29,2016

19 games unbeaten in all competitions! Arsenal's best record nine years ago

16/17 season, the Premier League 13th round, Arsenal sits Emirates Stadium against "Cherry" Bournemouth, and ultimately rely on  fifa 17 ps4 coins  Sanchez scored twice and Walcott's goal to take the score 3-1 win over Bo Nymouth, which is the gunmen into the league since November's first victory. Although the previous two league are 1-1 in the first score, but the

Nov 28,2016