Wenger: After the draw to know the group's ranking is good or bad

Arsenal 2-2 draw with PSG, Wenger attended the post-match  press fifa 17 ps4 coins conference. Ivo than now feel how? Unreal who will encounter, depressing is the Ospina behind in the Yvonby, own goal to Yvon than today's most depressed players. But this is part of the game. We have to accept these, support Yvonby, prepare for the next game. The second team on the team? Now we

Nov 25,2016

Drogba announced the end of the US Major League career

  Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard ended his American Grand League journey, and the next end of the US Grand Alliance cheap fifa 17 coins journey is Chelsea old boy Frank Lampard. In the morning after the game Wednesday, Drogba has also joined the ranks of the two legendary Premier League, he announced his great American League era coming to an end. In the major league playoff game,

Nov 24,2016

Funding is not in place, AC Milan, the acquisition will be delayed or completed

  . Italy "republic" message, AC milan acquisition completion time or will be  cheap fifa 17 coins delayed. Originally planned to be completed on December 13 CEIBS AC Milan's acquisition, but now it appears that the acquisition of the progress of the case there is a problem. The Chinese consortium will hold talks with Berlusconi on Friday to discuss a Chinese consortium

Nov 23,2016

C Luo will wear commemorative version of the boots to play his old club

Real Madrid this week in the Champions League group match against Portugal sports, C Luo will buy fifa 17 coins  wear commemorative version of the boots against the old club. C Luo's boots, followed by three figures printed 06,08,03, in order to commemorate the August 6, 2003 Portugal Sports and Manchester United's friendly match, because that game changed the fate of C Lo. In t

Nov 22,2016

Southampton midfielder: Liverpool is my strongest opponent

Southampton midfielder Hoeibel called Klopp's Liverpool the strongest opponent he had  cheap fifa 17 coins ever faced. Southampton in the current Premier League home 0-0 lead in the standings Liverpool, the Red Army players missed the opportunity in the game. 21-year-old Danish international Hewelbier this summer from Bayern to join Southampton, after the game he praised Liverpoo

Nov 21,2016

Balotelli: almost joined Juventus

  Although Baluoteli was not enlisted by Ventura, but he returned to Milan to watch the friendly match between Italy and Germany. "I have always been a fan of Italy, and if Ventura has called me, I know I will do my best," he told Mediaset Premium. "If we win the league, I will have a helicopter fly over Nice," he said. In the past, God said: "I went to Milan befo

Nov 17,2016

A dream come true? More special teenager Denbele game in Liverpool

Although this summer did not succeed in winning the Ottoman - Deng Beilei, but the French teenager in the fut 17 coins  game but will transfer to Liverpool. Is currently in the national team game day intermittent, and more special teenager Deng Beilei in his spare time also played the FM2017. In the game, the teenager will own transfer to Liverpool. "I played in Lorient

Nov 16,2016

Conti: the beginning to play 424 formation, 343 is an option

Chelsea coach Conti explained why he lost in a row after Liverpool and Arsenal evolutions 3-4-3, he revealed that this and Chelsea fifa 17 coins players. "We started the season with another formation because I started with a 4-2-4 kick, but we switched to 4-3-3 and we used the same formation we had last year - 3-1. But sometimes I notice that our formation is unbalanced because it's not

Nov 15,2016

68 balls! C Luo became the European national team history fourth striker

  C Lo in the early morning of Portugal against Latvia in the World Cup in the brace to help Portugal win over rivals. This also allows C Lo to 68 national team goals tied Gade - Muller and Robbie - Keane, came to the European national team history scorer list fourth. C Lo played for the Portuguese national team 138 times, scoring 68 goals, the Portuguese national team's top scorer in histo

Nov 14,2016

Mourinho or Manchester United will start a comprehensive internal rectification

British media BBC learned that Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho took over  fut 17 coins  Manchester United after the Manchester United club culture is now somewhat surprised, Mourinho is investigating all aspects of the team, it is reported that Mike Mussina of Manchester United's medical department is not satisfaction. In the summer this year, took over the hands of

Nov 11,2016