Conti: the time belongs to Bashua Yai will come

Chelsea coach Conti on the reserve striker Bashua Yiyan praise, the former Marseille striker may  buy fifa 17 coins usher in his first Premiership starting tonight. "Bashuyayi's attitude, words and deeds are impeccable, he wanted to enhance their strength - both in technology and body.We are in tactical to him.He in training showed his firm determination, height Of course, h

Dec 27,2016

Guardian of the year 100 big players: La Liga players swept the top six

  The British "Guardian" annual 100 big players officially released, the top six by the La Liga, gains two important champion C Lo force  buy fifa 17 coins  pressure Messi ranked first. The Guardian's 100-year-old star was voted on by hundreds of experts from all over the world. This year's global judging panel includes 124 judges from 45 countries, covering

Dec 26,2016

Ibrahimovic: If I can get the Golden Globe, the next day will personally give Messi

According to the World Sports Daily, Manchester United striker Ibrahimovic said in an interview: "If this year or any other time they give  fifa 17 ps4 coins me awarded the Golden Globe, then the next day I will personally give it to Messi. "World Sports Daily" said that although Ibrahimovic and Guardiola get along unhappy, but the Swedish tower for his former team

Dec 23,2016

Maca: Real Madrid will not let J Luo in the winter window to leave the team, unless someone dig breach of contract

Unless someone is willing to pay for his contract J Luo 500 million euros in liquidated damages, otherwise Real Madrid will buy fifa 17 coins not consider in the winter window so J Luo left the team. "Marca" said that although J Luo has publicly said he did not know where his future, but Real Madrid attitude for the Colombians did not change. Unless J Luo continued to publicly or

Dec 22,2016

World: C Luo World Player of the first ballot, Messi second

According to the "World Sports Daily" reported that Real Madrid star C Lo will buy fifa 17 coins receive this season's second individual award, the Portuguese will be released in January next year, the World Player of the Year. The media said in the selection, the Barcelona star Messi ranked second, he and C Lo's votes than the "French Football" Golden Globe Award

Dec 21,2016

Xmas special offers on FIFA 1314

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Dec 20,2016

C Luo career has broken 500 balls! Well-deserved Mr. Golden Ball

In the World Cup semi-final before the start, C Luo said he went to Japan not to go on holiday. The Portuguese is not a cliche. "Aspen" before the game also pointed out that where the trophy can take, where there will be C Lo, if there is any record can be broken, what challenges can be completed, then he will be more motivated. The World Cup is a very interesting event for Cristiano R

Dec 19,2016

Hummels: birthday wish is the next generation game speed can break 70

Bayern Munich defender Hummels has said on Twitter, his birthday wish is not more fifa 17 ps4 coins  championship, but in the next generation of the game speed value of 70 breakthrough. December 16, Hu Myers will usher in his 28th birthday, the birthday is approaching, Hummels on what they want to get a birthday gift in twitter and netizens were interacted , For the gift they wan

Dec 16,2016

Wenger: Critics of the melon Shuai criticism is unfair

Wenger expressed support for Guardiola, he believes that melon handsome Manchester City 2-4 lost to  buy fifa 17 coins Leicester City in the game of defensive tactics is no problem, melon Shuai criticism is not fair. Chelsea and Leicester lost to the city, Guardiola critic questioned ignored the importance of interception, melon handsome, said: "I am not responsible for teac

Dec 15,2016

Official: Levandovsky and Bayern contract to 2021!

  Bayern officially announced with Levandovski contract to 2021. According to previous  fifa 17 ps4 coins  media reports, his annual salary of more than 15 million euros. After the renewal, Levan said: "I am glad the negotiations have achieved a positive result, I will continue to stay in Bayern for many years. Together, we will get a lot of results." Bayern CEO Ru

Dec 14,2016