Alves: I'm not afraid to face Messi, will try to weaken him

 Brazil striker Alves said recently: "I am not afraid to face Messi, in the football world is afraid there is no. "If we can win the fifa 17 ps4 coins  game, the team will take a big step towards their goal," said Alves, who will take on Brazil's World Cup qualifier against Argentina. It 's even harder. For Messi, Alves said: "We will try to weaken his p

Nov 10,2016

Pedro is to prove why he was an important part of Barcelona

"In my mind, I started to play 4-2-4 and I wanted to start with the formation because there was a strong winger and I liked fifa 17 points the two strikers to work together, but then I changed," Conti said. In the preseason, we used 4-2-4 and 3-4-3, because this  lineup can use these systems.I made a change in defense and attack in order to find more balance. In Conti, Ch

Nov 09,2016

Maccabi commented on the 11th round of the Spanish Primera Liga: Messi lead

Western media, "Marca" today, the Spanish team selected the 11th round of the best team in the current round to  buy fifa 17 coins complete a pass 1 shot Barcelona star Lionel Messi selected Real Madrid Najo selected, the Royal Society and Alaves have two People selected. "Marca" comment on the 11th round of the Spanish team best: Goalkeepers: Pacheco (Alaves

Nov 08,2016

Mazari: Liverpool in the team in the most championship phase

Waterford in the current round of League 1-6 away defeat in Liverpool, after the fifa 17 ps4 coins  game coach Mahaziri said that in the season so far encountered by the team, the Red Army most likely to become the league title. The Italian coach began this season coaching Waterford, the team had good performance in the league, but Liverpool in Anfield was a head-on blow. Both si

Nov 07,2016

I think Wilshere's future is at Arsenal, but that's just my point of view.

About Monreal ... "Monreal will test him for the next two days and then we'll decide whether to  buy fifa 17 coins let him play." About Cazorla ... "Cazorla is also very similar, he has not trained, Cassola will go out training today, we will see how his situation, but his appearance is also in doubt. About Ozil will be in the national team competition week to get

Nov 04,2016

Bell Real Madrid Champions League history to create the fastest scoring record

In the just-concluded Champions League group match, Real Madrid away 3-3 draw with  FUT 17 Coins  Warsaw Legia. The opening 55 seconds, Welsh striker Bell Real Madrid opened the scoring. Bell's goal to become the fastest goal in the history of Real Madrid Champions League. The opening game only 55 seconds, Bell volley fired his left foot world wave. Welsh this goal to create

Nov 03,2016

German media: Bayern last season Champions League bonus of 60 million euros

Bayern Munich last season's Champions League bonus total of 64.391 million euros  Fifa 17 points . German media said that this figure is only received from the UEFA bonuses, does not contain ticket sales, and this figure is also ranked first in all German teams, reached the quarterfinals Wolfsburg got 50.292 million euros, Out of the group stage, Borussia and Bayer Leverkusen, re

Nov 02,2016

Messi: Aguero and Suarez are the best center; Nei Maer very lively

British media "Sun" released a Macy's interview, interview Macy talked about the fifa 17 ps4 coins  mentor Guardiola, Manchester City's friend Aguero, as well as Barcelona's team-mate Suarez and Nei Maer. Messi in the interview about the 2009 Champions League final, they played one of the most perfect game. At that time there are many so-called experts questioned whethe

Nov 01,2016

Galliani: If I do not become the CEO, I will leave Milan

Milan CEO Galliani said that if the acquisition is completed, not to let him continue as CEO, he will buy fifa 17 coins leave Milan. The Chinese acquisition will be completed in mid-November, and has appointed several team manager, Galliani said: "If you do not let me continue as CEO, I am ready to leave Milan. , But I am in Milan for 30 years, will not accept positions other tha

Oct 31,2016

More flowering! Real Madrid array remaining three people did not score

Real Madrid 7-1 victory over Leon in the game, the Real Madrid array in addition to the current goalkeeper only three cheap fifa 17 coins players outside the goal, they are Casamiro, Cohen Bertrand and Kovacs. In other words, Real Madrid array has 18 first-team players for Real Madrid had a ball. Real Madrid is no longer solely relying on the BBC combination (Benzema, Bell, C Luo) tea

Oct 28,2016