Guardiola praises Messi

To play a decisive role in the game,  fifa 17 points Messi does not need the match will have to spare no effort to run. On the contrary, he is walking on the lawn sometimes seems to disappear, but inadvertently, he suddenly launched a fatal blow. For Messi had seemingly negative attitude, Guardiola instead of criticism, but pointed out that the powerful place. Guardiola said: "look at M

Oct 10,2016

Messi has the Amazing comprehension

  Recently, fifa 17 coins  the Argentina manager Bauza told the daily sports newspaper interview, praised Messi's ability, said Messi in the football field to know everything. Bauza said: "I was surprised to see that he is so understanding of football, because he knows everything, including his teammates, his technical team, including football. He could see everything. I always th

Oct 09,2016

Baer has a big secret in the field

The World Cup qualifiers, fifa 17 coins Welsh 2-2 draw with Austria, Real Madrid star Baer in the game show a little known to the outside world skills. The first half stoppage time, Welsh was left in, Baer vigorously thrown into the restricted area, before Waxman ferry, Chester top punch manufacturing goals. For Baer's "grenade" stunt, Welsh boss Coleman said he is seeing for the first

Oct 08,2016

Ronaldo criticizes Keylor Navas to Gareth Bale

The Champions League draw with Dortmund, fifa 17 coins twice leading Real Madrid have reason to feel sorry for not winning the first goal, especially in Dortmund, Real Madrid goalkeeper Navas was largely responsible for, according to Aspen reported, C Luo also suspected criticized the team. Aspen played the title: " C Ronaldo to criticism of Baer Navas." the newspaper website also relea

Sep 30,2016

Turan turns tide for Barca

         Turan saved Barcelona, only 7 minutes later, fifa 17 coins Barcelona equalized, is Tulan after receiving a pass Neymar with a precise shot break the other door.     In the case of time, Turan helped the team to tie the score, he scored a unique way to kiss the lawn to celebrate. The daily sports newspaper that before Messi injury, Turan

Sep 29,2016

Robert and C Ronaldo transformed completely

       Real Madrid's game against Dortmund, C Ronaldo and Baer often appear in the team's defensive area, which is rare in the past. Zidane had been stressed, "defense and can not simply rely on the defender's efforts", this concept is clearly Zidane instilled in the head of the players, FIFA 17 RELEASE Baer and C Ronaldo the two theory of winger, camp

Sep 28,2016

EA push "FIFA17" partner application lets you Decider

Today (September 27th) is a well-known football game "FIFA17" "special purchases for the Spring Festival" officially unlock the day, fifa 17 coins which means that had already purchased the game player can finally downloaded to the official version of the green arena began the journey. Exactly, "FIFA 17 Companion" should be counted as a half game and a half of the ap

Sep 27,2016

Real Madrid fans support Zidane replaced C Ronaldo

     According to Spain Aspen reported that most of the Real Madrid fans support Zidane, fifa 17 coins that he is in Real Madrid against Lars Palmas substituted C Ronaldo is right.     In the last round of League after the end of the game, "Aspen > did a poll, entitled" Zidane in the game against Lars Palmas for C Ronaldo practice right ", the

Sep 26,2016

Argentina coach shelled Barcelona: never take care of Messi who is injured

       The focus of World War II Barcelona last weekend against Atletico Madrid, the first half both sides played a pleasing offensive football, but the second half Messi was injured with a sudden change in the situation: fifty-ninth minutes, fifa 17 coin Messi because of a groin injury by Tulane replaced, after 2 minutes, Ma Jing then scored the equaliser and the fin

Sep 23,2016

Grievous news! Barcelona officially announced Messi absenced 3 weeks

   Home court 1-1 draw with Atletico Barcelona not only disappointed in the result, fifa 17 coin Messi's injury is to cast a shadow on the game.     Soon after the second half of the game, with the defender Godin in the scramble for the ball, Messi felt unwell after being unable to continue to adhere to Tulane replaced. According to reports in Spain, Messi's injury is sti

Sep 22,2016