Barcelona official announced :Messi left leg discomfort

According to the official website of the Barcelona,  fifa 16 ps4 coins Messi left leg adductor muscle discomfort may be absent this week, Barcelona and Alves in the league. Barcelona official revealed that Barcelona medical organization is trying to minimize the inflammation of Messi, Cheap FUT 17 Coins  they suggest that Messi next few days to reduce training intensity, in order to obs

Sep 06,2016

Beckham fervently support Rooney : don't care what others say just keep on fighting.

  In last night's World Cup qualifier in England,  fifa 16 ps4 coins ninety-fifth minute winner to victory in Slovakia. This evening also belonged to Rooney, Rooney played 116th times for the country, more than Beckham to maintain national team appearances, playing outfield players became the most times. If we can fight again 10 games, Cheap FUT 17 Coins  Rooney will surpass legen

Sep 05,2016

The fans rushed into the stadium to kowtow Messi

   The South American World Cup qualifying game,  fifa 17 ps4 coins the game, the Argentina team is undoubtedly the largest contributor to the return of Messi, who scored a goal scored only. Near the end of the game, fifa 17 coins up to eighty-ninth minutes, a scene of small fans suddenly rushed into the stadium, he ran through the half court, the goal is clear: Messi. The ball we

Sep 02,2016

Real Madrid Easco announced to keep the team changed

    The transfer deadline day before, cheap fifa 17 coins the biggest suspense is whether the Real Madrid midfielder easco will leave.   The day before the Spanish media, "Aspen" pointed out that Real Madrid to Isko pressure, fifa 17 coins ready to clean him, because the club decided to leave J luo. Interestingly, Malaga fans have launched a "Isko home&q

Sep 01,2016

Messi refused to leave the Barcelona team doctor insisted on to the national team

  Messi after attending the Bilbao athletics and games, cheap fifa 17 coins although the body is injured, but still insisted on the national team reported to the flea.    According to the "Aspen" revealed: Barcelona club Messi originally proposed in Spain. Instead of injuries to the national team participated in the world cup, fifa 17 coins but Messi rejected this, fina

Aug 31,2016

Quickly sign me! Aubameyang shows good to Real Madrid

  27 year old Aubameyang dreams of playing for real madrid. cheap fifa 17 coinsIt is reported that Aubameyang had vowed to his grandfather, one day he must wear a white shirt Real Madrid, and now he is also working hard to achieve the dream. According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, buy fifa 16 coins in recent days, Aubameyang again to the top of the Real Madrid expressed hope to join the m

Aug 30,2016

English Premier League club official offer Real Madrid Kingtome he really ruined by Real Madrid?

  Real Madrid this summer signings doors long closed, cheap fifa coins Zidane said Real Madrid won't have new signing, but array in some players may before the transfer deadline departure from Real Madrid, the ISCO is one of them. Now, the Premier League giants Tottenham expressed strong interest, hoping to bring the Spain international White Hart lane. Since taking office Zinedine Zidane,

Aug 29,2016

Guardiola Expel Hart, More Ruthless than Mourinho?

  Mourinho and Guardiola are the football coach of twins. fut coins This summer, they also entered the Premier League, even as rivals. Coincidence, the two Marshal now into a no small controversy, Mourinho is because he delegated pig, and Guardiola is because he expelled Joe - Hart. Mourinho and Guardiola recently are the focus of public attention. buy fifa coins The former is tough measure

Aug 26,2016

Maradona critize Messi: quit the national team too soon enough to make people suffer

     Maradona's silver tongue and as flexible as his left foot, cheap fifa 17 coins and he was outspoken, even if Messi the star to criticize mercilessly.     Accepting Argentina the OLE newspaper interview,  buy fifa 16 coins Maradona, Messi was asked about the return to the national team, he criticized Messi, "he returned to the national team what I thin

Aug 25,2016

Add media said Ronaldo wears false eyelashes: eyes look larger than before

  "Ronaldo may be wearing false eyelashes. ”On August 23, cheap fifa 17 coinsSpain Catalonia of the world, a report in the sports daily revealed Real Madrid star of the latest beauty, says Ronaldo will be handsome, generous, appeared in front of the camera he always seemed so glorious and moving. Sport of the world pointed out that Ronaldo likes to work hard on their faces, like

Aug 24,2016