Manchester United on FIFA 18: How every player looks

Manchester United are one of the most popular teams in the world, so a lot of people are going to be playing as them in FIFA 18. A lot of FIFA esports professionals use Man United players in the Ultimate Team mode where you can build your dream squad. How every player looks, highest rated stars and everything else you need to know. and also you need to know to buy fifa 18 coins from our site. &

Oct 20,2017

10 Of The Funkiest And Most Popular Kits In FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team has been live since the back end of September and as well as crafting the perfect squad to take you up through Online Seasons divisions or into the Weekend League, players have been customising their squads. While you'll see thousands of 'BEAST FC' or 'Glass on Grass' over the year, one area where you are likely to see a bit of individuality is in the selection of kits. and a

Oct 19,2017

Cultural sensitivity FIFA style: Football governing body admits Northern Ireland name As Gaeilge was a mistake

Irish eyes may have been smiling after the draw for the World Cup play-offs, but there was raised eyebrows when FIFA announced Northern Ireland in both English and Irish - something the game's governing body now admits was a mistake. Every country for the crucial draw was introduced by a graphic with its name in English and also in its native tongue. and also these buy fifa 18 coins belong to you

Oct 18,2017

FIFA 18 has stayed top of the UK charts for the third week running

Despite the stiffest competition yet, FIFA 18 is still the UK’s number one selling video game in both sales charts. FIFA saw a 55% drop in sales during its third week but still managed to sell 40% more than Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War. and also you can get fifa 18 xbox one coins from our site. Publisher Warner Bros. are unlikely to be too upset though as this week they have three games in th

Oct 17,2017

FIFA 18 tips: Best possible teams in FUT 18 – Icons

Constructing the best FUT team is not simply a case of picking out FIFA 18’s top players and hoping for the best. There’s the formation to think about, as well as the all-important, and increasingly complex, chemistry system. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then make sure you’ve read our FUT 18 chemistry guide before going any further. What we’ve got

Oct 16,2017

Derik Osede gets involved in the FIFA18 hype at GAME Bolton

The shop itself, based on Victoria Square in Bolton town centre, had a station set up for fans of FIFA to try out the latest edition on its day of release, with the club's Community Trust also getting involved with the launch of the popular game. And in line with all this, Wanderers' No.17 made the short journey into Bolton to try it out for himself alongside meet staff and fans alike. and you can

Oct 13,2017

Guest Support Now Enabled In FIFA 18's Ultimate Team

you can now add a guest to play with you when tackling FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team online seasons and online draft. It basically means that two people can team up on the same team to play against opponents. and also you can get fifa 18 ps4 coins from our site. It was a feature that many in the community were hoping for, and EA has listened to the feedback. At the moment there are a couple of hur

Oct 12,2017

The 20 Best FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Bargains To Improve Any Squad

The early stages of the FIFA Ultimate Team season can be tough as you try to build a side that you can play consistently with as soon as possible. While you may have to wait a while before you earn enough coins to be able to buy the kinds of players you'll be meeting in Weekend League every week, every year there are players that play way above what their stats suggest and thus go under the radar

Oct 11,2017

FIFA 18: How to Organize Your Team

Don’t be the guy who sets up his custom settings and renames his player profile. When 7 people are waiting their turn to play the game, dive right into the action. Last year in FIFA 2017 the 4-3-3 was dominant. With the proper speed on the wings it was a deluge of crosses, counterattacking football, and knifing runs into the heart of your opponents defense. Now, when you have a bit more time

Oct 10,2017

Christian Pulisic in FIFA 18: The Best Players

Starting your new career? You should look into purchasing him from Borussia Dortmund or even playing as the German club. Don’t just take my word for it; here is all you need to know about Christian Pulisic, in the new FIFA 18. His FIFA stats don’t start off the charts at an overall rating of 78, but that’s higher than Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s were in FIFA 16. and also you

Oct 09,2017