Manchester United the first reds fear for Mourinho and waste

  Mourinho at Manchester United start sailed through after winning the Community Shield, fut coins  and made two in a row in the Premier League, even Mata at the hands of Jose Mourinho by media that may be in trouble, and "harmony" of playing the main.    However, buy fifa coins what there is gain and loss, in a large team, make everyone happy is not possible,

Aug 23,2016

Zinedine Zidane: j-Lo is happy at Real Madrid

  First round of La Liga, Real Madrid beat Real Sociedad 3-0 away from home, including Cristiano Ronaldo, buy fifa 16 coins Karim Benzema, who has not played, Zidane Real Madrid boss said after the match, how to select the lineup gives him a headache.     Zidane said: "I had a choice to make.I chose Ascencio, he did very well, scored a goal, but others have played well.S

Aug 22,2016

Mourinho: Bo Geba round debut

   After the price Boge Ba back to Buy FUT 17 coins Old Trafford, Manchester United finally ushered in the return of the French striker's first show, when Mike Mussina held  buy fifa 16 coins a press conference to personally confirm this.     Boge Ba 107 million euros this summer to return to Manchester United, but because in the Italian Cup last season accumulated

Aug 19,2016

The reasons for credit card payment failed

 1, unauthorized transactions: the consumer for payment card 3D card, and in the process of payment is not filled 3D codes. So the system will be judged as an unauthorized transaction and refused to charge;   2, the international credit cardholder information is incomplete or wrong way to stop a payment: Consumers fill in the relevant information when an international credit card, inco

Aug 18,2016

Twitter—FIFA16 Coins Giveaway

         In order to thanks all the old customers, we are deploying a activity to giveaway the large fifa 16 coins for you. Step one: follow our official twitter: fifa13141,” like” the official activity tweet. Step two: retweet the activity news in our official twitter, and @fifa13141 Step Three: when the increased followers reach a certain numbers

Aug 17,2016

Melon handsome runaway Yaoxing to pour cold water: Do not wave

   Champions League playoff, cheap fifa 16 coins Manchester City 5-0 away win over Bradford Bucharest star, basically trivial given a seat on the Champions League race. After the match, Guardiola gave an interview to the official website of UEFA, cheap fifa 16 coinsand his performance of the players are very satisfied.    Guardiola said: "From the beginning, our goal ha

Aug 17,2016

Conti: there is a change over last season is very important

  After an arduous struggle, Buy FUT 17 coins Conti led by Chelsea in the first round of league rivals West Ham 2-1 lore, harvest their Premiership opener, post-match press conference, buy fifa 16 coinsConti think Chelsea deserved the victory .  Conti said: "I am delighted for the team's performance, because I see a lot of good things, the team's strength and had all my satisfact

Aug 16,2016

Barcelona general exposure close to leave Manchester City

 In Barcelona refused to breach below the contract price of gold sold Teershite root case , Buy FUT 17 coins Guardiola turned to another Barca goalkeeper Bravo , buy fifa 16 coinsaccording to the Chilean people around the country said they had finalized with Manchester City the contract .     Catalonia , " World Sports Daily, " August 14 reported that Manchester

Aug 15,2016

Bailey:Brazilian football championship took to the road

   Brazilian football legend Pele position in South America without saying that the current Rio Olympic Games opening ceremony , cheap fifa 16 coinsBailey did not attend ,cheap fifa 16 coins has become one regret , however , the Brazilian people have the opportunity to make up for the awful regret : Bailey push special announced ,buy fifa coins to attend the closing ceremony of the Olym

Aug 12,2016

Macy career Adds a medal

    Game 4 is the final pre-season warm-up match , Messi finally scored goals in the 3-2 victory over Sampdoria Gamber Cup , cheap fifa 16 coinshe scored only barb assists Soares , buy fifa coins also completed Mui the second time , and score seven goals to become Gamber Cup history tied for top scorer .Earlier against Celtic , cheap fifa 16 coins Leicester City and Liverpool , alth

Aug 11,2016