Real Madrid fans support Zidane replaced C Ronaldo

     According to Spain Aspen reported that most of the Real Madrid fans support Zidane, fifa 17 coins that he is in Real Madrid against Lars Palmas substituted C Ronaldo is right.     In the last round of League after the end of the game, "Aspen > did a poll, entitled" Zidane in the game against Lars Palmas for C Ronaldo practice right ", the

Sep 26,2016

Argentina coach shelled Barcelona: never take care of Messi who is injured

       The focus of World War II Barcelona last weekend against Atletico Madrid, the first half both sides played a pleasing offensive football, but the second half Messi was injured with a sudden change in the situation: fifty-ninth minutes, fifa 17 coin Messi because of a groin injury by Tulane replaced, after 2 minutes, Ma Jing then scored the equaliser and the fin

Sep 23,2016

Grievous news! Barcelona officially announced Messi absenced 3 weeks

   Home court 1-1 draw with Atletico Barcelona not only disappointed in the result, fifa 17 coin Messi's injury is to cast a shadow on the game.     Soon after the second half of the game, with the defender Godin in the scramble for the ball, Messi felt unwell after being unable to continue to adhere to Tulane replaced. According to reports in Spain, Messi's injury is sti

Sep 22,2016

Enrique: Messi is an expert in creating space.

         La Liga will usher in the focus of a battle,  fifa 17 points the defending champion Barcelona in the home court against visiting giants Atletico. Before the game, Barcelona coach Enrique attended the press conference, he said the team to face Atletico Madrid cannot have a relax, it will be a very difficult game.     Enrique sai

Sep 21,2016

Golden Globe Awards has reformed: 30 candidates announced at the end of the year

      According to the latest news of the French football, the 2016 European golden ball award formal reform. fifa 17 coins After the French football confirmed that the European golden ball award with the FIFA world football will not be merged. French football explained, "the sixty-first session of the European golden ball award will open a new era (1956 - present)&q

Sep 20,2016

MSN off to their best start ever and could reach 150 goals this season

    Since the start of the new season, buy fifa 17 coins Barcelona despite occasional mistakes, but the overall performance is still very eye-catching, but the key is often behind victory MSN three ultra high efficiency goals.     Since the start of the new season, Barcelona played all 7 games, including 4 League, 1 Champions League and two Spanish Super Cup, which M

Sep 19,2016

FIFA17 free kick score: Pirlo topped Messi is the sixth

Recently, EA announced the FIFA17 kick capacity value of the top ten players announced, fifa 17 ps4 coins is now the U.S. major league New York city to play Pirlo beyond Qiaerhan Oulu, became the first free kick master FIFA17. Although it was already 37 years old, fifa 16 ps4 coins but EA is still on Pirlo's free kick Kung Fu favor, undeniably, Pirlo has a very deep attainment in the free kick, b

Sep 18,2016


    More than two years in the making, FIFA 17 The Journey is all-new and innovative addition to the franchise. The Journey lets you live the story of the Premier League's next rising star, Alex Hunter, where every decision, every action, every moment impacts your attempt to rise to the highest level of the game.     We spent time with Manchester United striker Marcu

Sep 14,2016

Pogba was criticized

    Prior to the end of the Manchester Derby, cheap fifa coins Manchester United can be said that in the first half Guardiola defeat to Manchester City, there are many legend experts to praise to Guardiola, but also fired on United Party, he is the Liverpool legend, is now the sky sports Oprah Carragher.     Yesterday, Cheap FUT 17 Coins the regression commentary Gar

Sep 13,2016

Paris had wanted to buy Neymar 190 million

This summer, Buy FUT 17 coins  Barcelona announced the renewal of the contract with Neymar until 2021, the highest breach of contract payments will reach 250 million euros, Neymar's annual salary, the Spanish media speculation about 30 million euros, after tax of about 15 million euros. But as early as before the renewal of Neymar, Cheap FUT 17 Coins a club willing to pay a higher salary for

Sep 12,2016