Ljajic: We will play every game as the final final to kick

Earlier in the Serie A league Turin to a 4-1 victory over Palermo, Liyaji scored  Fifa 17 points twice in the game, he said in an interview, Turin, all the games as the final final To kick. "We even knew it was not easy before the game," Leiaitch said, "and we lost the ball early on, but we did really well in the end and we finally scored four goals and won the mat

Oct 18,2016

Carrasco: did not consider leaving Atletico, those reports are lies

At the weekend of the Spanish league, Atletico Madrid midfielder Karasco  contributed a stunning performance, his team and Granada in the game scored 3 goals and contributed 2 assists, The final sheet sheet to 7-1 victory Fifa 17 points over the Granada big score. Belgian recently accepted Onda Cero 's interview, he also once again through this opportunity to clarify: "Those who

Oct 17,2016

Hussein Van Tino pushed the world cup to expand

The possibility of the 2026 World Cup expansion looks more and more, fifa 17 ps4 coins FIFA chairman Hussein Van Tino said that the members of the military expansion program "positive response", but also related to specific programs have been submitted. Hussein Van Tino said earlier, the world cup are the two most important military programs were expanded to 40 teams and 48 teams, he

Oct 14,2016

Real Madrid will renew aReal Madrid will renew a contract Baer to 2022 contract Baer to 2022

   Real Madrid have agreed to renew his contract with Baer, fifa 17 coins according to reports from Spain's Searl radio.    Reported that Real Madrid will contract with Baer until 2022, and will soon officially announced the news. Baer's contract expires in 2019, to complete the contract after his penalty will be increased to 500 million euros. Prior to this, Real Madrid has b

Oct 13,2016

There's no solution for Messi dependence in Argentina

    0-1 lost to Paraguay, Argentina in 3 games 2 flat 1 negative, if you want to find a common ground for the three games, fifa 17 coins  that Messi did not play at all.     After Argentina was struggling in Venezuela and Peru, and is now in the home court capsized, Argentina fans can't miss the injured Messi Argentina team in this game is really not good enough

Oct 12,2016

Neymar is better than Kaka.

    Recently, the Brazil legend Tostao told the Spanish media said in an interview with a national newspaper ,fifa 17 coins Neymar is the history of Brazil's top second players, more than the "alien" Ronaldo and Romario, after Bailey.      Although Neymar did not exceed Romario with Ronaldo in the number of goals for Brazil's national team, but Tostao said

Oct 11,2016

Guardiola praises Messi

To play a decisive role in the game,  fifa 17 points Messi does not need the match will have to spare no effort to run. On the contrary, he is walking on the lawn sometimes seems to disappear, but inadvertently, he suddenly launched a fatal blow. For Messi had seemingly negative attitude, Guardiola instead of criticism, but pointed out that the powerful place. Guardiola said: "look at M

Oct 10,2016

Messi has the Amazing comprehension

  Recently, fifa 17 coins  the Argentina manager Bauza told the daily sports newspaper interview, praised Messi's ability, said Messi in the football field to know everything. Bauza said: "I was surprised to see that he is so understanding of football, because he knows everything, including his teammates, his technical team, including football. He could see everything. I always th

Oct 09,2016

Baer has a big secret in the field

The World Cup qualifiers, fifa 17 coins Welsh 2-2 draw with Austria, Real Madrid star Baer in the game show a little known to the outside world skills. The first half stoppage time, Welsh was left in, Baer vigorously thrown into the restricted area, before Waxman ferry, Chester top punch manufacturing goals. For Baer's "grenade" stunt, Welsh boss Coleman said he is seeing for the first

Oct 08,2016

Ronaldo criticizes Keylor Navas to Gareth Bale

The Champions League draw with Dortmund, fifa 17 coins twice leading Real Madrid have reason to feel sorry for not winning the first goal, especially in Dortmund, Real Madrid goalkeeper Navas was largely responsible for, according to Aspen reported, C Luo also suspected criticized the team. Aspen played the title: " C Ronaldo to criticism of Baer Navas." the newspaper website also relea

Sep 30,2016