More than two years in the making, FIFA 17 The Journey is all-new and innovative addition to the franchise. The Journey lets you live the story of the Premier League's next rising star, Alex Hunter, where every decision, every action, every moment impacts your attempt to rise to the highest level of the game.     We spent time with Manchester United striker Marcu

Sep 14,2016

Pogba was criticized

    Prior to the end of the Manchester Derby, cheap fifa coins Manchester United can be said that in the first half Guardiola defeat to Manchester City, there are many legend experts to praise to Guardiola, but also fired on United Party, he is the Liverpool legend, is now the sky sports Oprah Carragher.     Yesterday, Cheap FUT 17 Coins the regression commentary Gar

Sep 13,2016

Paris had wanted to buy Neymar 190 million

This summer, Buy FUT 17 coins  Barcelona announced the renewal of the contract with Neymar until 2021, the highest breach of contract payments will reach 250 million euros, Neymar's annual salary, the Spanish media speculation about 30 million euros, after tax of about 15 million euros. But as early as before the renewal of Neymar, Cheap FUT 17 Coins a club willing to pay a higher salary for

Sep 12,2016

Cristiano Ronaldo is the biggest beneficiary of Madrid’s transfer ban

A paper ban, buy fifa 17 ps4 coins FIFA dismissed the appeal of Real Madrid, the Milky Way ships cannot make signings in the next year, "daily sports newspaper" said this analysis, C Ronaldo will become the biggest beneficiary of Real Madrid during the ban. "C Ronaldo to Real Madrid's contract expires on June 30, 2018, at the same time, buy fifa 16 coins  FIFA has announced th

Sep 09,2016

Ronaldinho: Messi is the best player in the world, Neymar can reach his height

In order to open up the Americas market, fifa 17 ps4 coins Barcelona set up a new office in New York, and hired the team legend Ronaldinho as the team's image ambassador. When it comes to return to Barcelona, fifa 17 coins Ronaldinho is very happy: "this is really a wonderful moment, you never know what will happen in the future. For his good friend Messi, Ronaldinho said: "every age ha

Sep 08,2016

Harvey: C ROM is inferior to Messi

In an interview with Spain's Searl radio, fifa 17 ps4 coins Harvey repeated his claim that Messi is the best player in the world. Harvey explained: "I was saying that the speed of Messi's body and mind is difficult to go beyond, fifa 17 coins a fool can not play football, it is not possible to kick out of the level of C lo. An elite player, especially a player like C, must be smart, but un

Sep 07,2016

Barcelona official announced :Messi left leg discomfort

According to the official website of the Barcelona,  fifa 16 ps4 coins Messi left leg adductor muscle discomfort may be absent this week, Barcelona and Alves in the league. Barcelona official revealed that Barcelona medical organization is trying to minimize the inflammation of Messi, Cheap FUT 17 Coins  they suggest that Messi next few days to reduce training intensity, in order to obs

Sep 06,2016

Beckham fervently support Rooney : don't care what others say just keep on fighting.

  In last night's World Cup qualifier in England,  fifa 16 ps4 coins ninety-fifth minute winner to victory in Slovakia. This evening also belonged to Rooney, Rooney played 116th times for the country, more than Beckham to maintain national team appearances, playing outfield players became the most times. If we can fight again 10 games, Cheap FUT 17 Coins  Rooney will surpass legen

Sep 05,2016

The fans rushed into the stadium to kowtow Messi

   The South American World Cup qualifying game,  fifa 17 ps4 coins the game, the Argentina team is undoubtedly the largest contributor to the return of Messi, who scored a goal scored only. Near the end of the game, fifa 17 coins up to eighty-ninth minutes, a scene of small fans suddenly rushed into the stadium, he ran through the half court, the goal is clear: Messi. The ball we

Sep 02,2016

Real Madrid Easco announced to keep the team changed

    The transfer deadline day before, cheap fifa 17 coins the biggest suspense is whether the Real Madrid midfielder easco will leave.   The day before the Spanish media, "Aspen" pointed out that Real Madrid to Isko pressure, fifa 17 coins ready to clean him, because the club decided to leave J luo. Interestingly, Malaga fans have launched a "Isko home&q

Sep 01,2016