Fran: Boge Ba, although strong, still and Scholes

Manchester United Jiujiang Diego - Fran believe, will join  cheap fifa 16 coins Manchester United Boge Ba has not yet reached his teammate Paul Scholes year level. Boge Ba is about 100 million pounds worth move to Manchester United. Fran Boge Ba fans admit that he is, he also believes that any transfer fee worth Boge Ba club willing to pay. But with Frank Scholes and Boge Ba for

Aug 02,2016

Wenger : Manchester United to buy 100 million Boge Ba completely crazy money = rational ?

   Recently, Manchester United and Boge Ba implement a summer transfer drama seems to have finally ushered in the final chapter, the French midfielder regranted Manchester United shirt seems only a matter of time. fifa 16 coins For awful is about to fill in the "football Standard King", a lot of football legend chiefs out this sound, a few days ago Wenger told the Italian &quo

Aug 01,2016

Saatchi: Messi is the world's strongest, not the strongest in the history of Argentina

Italian marshal Sacchi recently accepted the Argentine media 'La Nación' interview, interview in Sacchi said:. "Messi is the world's best, but not the best fifa 17 coins   in the history of Argentina." The strongest players in Argentina "Maradona or Di Stefano, who is the strongest two players. Although different but equally great Maradona more talent,

Aug 01,2016

German media inventory of the most expensive U20 players: 12 Bundesliga

According to the latest update of the "transfer market network" worth of data for U20 players worth for the inventory, which topped the Manchester United star Marshall, this summer the main identity got to get the European Cup for 18-year-old supernova Sangxie Si closely followed the recent transfer fee has been pushed up to  buy fifa coins 50 million Sane top three, top

Jul 29,2016

Ibrahimovic: Beckham refused the invitation, I chose Mu handsome reunion

Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has revealed he rejected the offer and Beckham MLS league play  Cheap FUT 16 Coins, and the choice and his mentor Mourinho again join hands in a total of Manchester United. Ibrahimovic said: "David Beckham is a good friend of mine, he asked if I could play for the Miami team. "For now, I want to get a big success and Manchester U

Jul 28,2016

Manchester City make up the Chinese fans regret: play for free to see more special to see the true derby

Derby against Manchester City on the Cancelation of Manchester City fans to  buy fifa 17 coins make up for the official launch of a number of initiatives regret, including giving Manchester City official members and providing Shenzhen against Borussia Dortmund match tickets, and sending 50 people to the UK to see the real Man City derby. Manchester City official website and micro

Jul 27,2016

Beijing Bird's Nest Man City derby officially canceled

International Champions Cup scheduled to be officially recognized at 20:00 tonight at Beijing Bird's Nest at the Manchester derby canceled, canceled due to  buy fifa 17 coins the recent Beijing heavy rains, the grass in poor condition, to ensure the safety of the players was canceled. The official statement said: "very sorry to the fans and media friends announced that was origin

Jul 26,2016

a 30% discount for two year anniversary of fifa 1314

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Jul 25,2016

Barcelona sign Valencia midfielder Andre - Gomez

Barcelona club official announcement: Valencia midfielder Andre - Gomez joined the team, the Western media said the two sides will sign cheap fifa 16 coins a five-year contract. Barcelona push through the official said Gomez formally signed next week with the team and attend the conference. Currently Barcelona's official website has not disclosed the details of the transfer, according to

Jul 22,2016

Media exposure Gameiro has agreed to sign with Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid striker Gameiro has the upper hand in France the battle, I Gameiro has agreed to join fifa 17 coins  Atletico Madrid in the new season, agreed only two clubs, he soon signed with Atletico. However, Sevilla aspect insisted ask for liquidated damages of 40 million euros transfer fee, which makes this deal becomes more difficult. However, due to Sampaoli very interes

Jul 21,2016