UEFA Announced That Russia Took Suspended Probation Penalties

UEFA Russian team took penalties, particularly as "suspended probation" and fines. After two days on the cheap fifa coins RFU allegations, UEFA make a formal decision on punishment, imposed on Russia "suspended probation" (suspended disqualification) penalty, that is to say in the future of the Russian team in the game, as long as the stadium occurred fans riot and other act

Jun 15,2016

Blatter: Messi Talk To Himself That He Is The Best But Not Champion

Remember two years ago Messi missed World Cup? As a former FIFA president Sepp Blatter, one of the cheap fifa coins witnesses of the time, who told us Messi's state at that time. It is investigated former FIFA president Sepp Blatter in a recent interview with Argentina's "national newspaper" interview, in which he recalled the scene in the 2014 World Cup awards ceremony on: "It

Jun 14,2016

OMG! UEFA Maybe Expel Russia & England From European Cup

UEFA announced on its official website, if there is another fan violence occurred, may be disqualified England and Russia for the cheap fifa 16 coins current European Cup. UEFA's official website announced that the UEFA Executive Committee that the fans of this violence is "disgusting", they believe that "these acts are football world completely unacceptable." UEFA requireme

Jun 13,2016

Europe Cup, Bale Super Free Kick!

Wales against Slovakia this European Cup group match, the pitch of the cheap fifa 16 coins most impressive players, no doubt is a Welsh player Bale. In the Real Madrid star, did not let the fans down, he was in the opening did not take long, he scored a sensational free-kick. Match the first 10 minutes before the games Wales 30 yards free kick, Bale stood before the ball, he with his left foot

Jun 12,2016

Best Team In The European Cup History

In March of this year, UEFA official website launched a poll, selected the best team in the cheap fifa 16 coins history of the European Cup from 50 candidates, the vote of the participating site has strict requirements, must meet the following four conditions two: selected for the next European Cup the best team; at least qualify for the semi-finals once; won the European Cup top scorer; left thei

Jun 08,2016

Notice: FIFA 17 Pre-Order Offers Available

FIFA 17 hits store shelves on September 27. Start your season on the front foot with these pre-order offers. FIFA 17 SUPER DELUXE EDITION* Own FIFA 16 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC? Pre-order the FIFA 17 Super Deluxe edition through the FIFA 16 main menu in-game and save 10% on your purchase. Pre-Order FIFA 17 Super Deluxe Edition: Xbox One, PS4, Origin on PC Digital Only Full game Up

Jun 07,2016

Argentina Confirms Messi will be absent America's Cup Opener Coz Wait Injury Not Recover

Since last week's game against Honduras after being hit waist rival, Messi could face Chile in Argentina in the first round match debut, the problem has become Argentina fans most concern. According to Spain, "sports daily," the latest report, Messi will buy fifa 16 coins miss the play determining Argentine group stage opener. Although Messi's back injury is not very serious, but the

Jun 06,2016

C Ronaldo Was Elected The Most Popular Sportsman, Messi NO.3

According to the cheap fifa 16 coins influence of social media and Google searches, ESPN selected the cheap fifa coins world's top 100 most popular athletes. In this list of the top 10 footballers for almost half, C Ronaldo ranked first, Messi came in third, J Ronaldo and Neymar are also on the list. First: C Ronaldo Revenue: 50 million euros Sponsorship: 25 million euros Facebook fans: 110

Jun 03,2016

Tragedy! Brazil Announced Kaka Missed the America's Cup Due To Injury,Gansel Replace

Brazilian Football Association official confirmed that Kaka muscle injury, he will buy fifa 16 coins miss the upcoming Copa America for centuries, Sao Paulo midfielder Gansel replace selected. Just last week, because Bayern winger Douglas - Costa injured, Kaka won the opportunity to buy fifa coins recruit the Brazilian team, but only in the past week, but unfortunately because of injury Kaka mi

Jun 02,2016

Media Poll The Strongest 11 People of Real Madrid in The Champions League for 20 Years

Recently, the Spanish media, "Marca" conducted a poll, "Real Madrid for 20 years who is the strongest eleven?" Is the choice of the period from 1998 to 2016, during the last 20 years to help Real Madrid win Champions League players. Approximately more than 50,000 users participated in the cheap fifa 16 coins vote. Goalkeeper aspect, Casillas get 85% of the vote, defeating Na

Jun 01,2016