FIFA 16:list of 10 worst goalkeepers available

Fifa 16, and bring the world of football stars, also has room for athletes from more modest alloys, which are not always good options to strengthen his team at Ultimate Team or in Career mode. In the "B side" of the EA simulator, you can find players with very low numbers in several attributes. Kill the curiosity and discover the list of the ten worst goalkeepers FIFA 16. FIFA 16: Read

Dec 21,2015

FC Barcelona - Guangzhou Evergrande: The time of Asian challenge

11.30 Four and 8TV: The FC Barcelona initiates the Club World Cup in Japan  with facing Guangzhou Evergrande, the Asian champions. The FC Barcelona faces this Thursday (11.30 Catalan time, Four and 8TV) their particular Asian challenge. It will begin its competition in the World Club of Japan facing the best team in China and throughout Asia, the Guangzhou Evergrande of Scolari, Paulinho and

Dec 17,2015

FIFA 16 has a new update

EA announced changes that will have the next update of their FIFA16 game which is focused mainly on the decisions of judges, passing, pressure defense and player positions. Some of these are already in the PC version and will soon reach PS4 and Xbox One. These are the specific changes: -Reforms in the Rules and Physical Systems to improve judges' decisions and penalties awarded. -Changes in beh

Dec 16,2015

¿Goal trick? No,goal by Messi

Leo Messi scored one goal against Depor and has signed as many flag throughout his FIFA16 career still difficult to decide which is the best around. Puskas Trophy candidate the more spectacular of the year, Messi scored another Monday 'target' out of series: in the training of Barca in Yokohama ahead of US debut Thursday at the Club World Cup four-time winner of the Ballon gold put the ball on a

Dec 15,2015

Barca, the world champion

--Triunfo Of Barca Rio-behind (4-4) and beat Vasco da Gama on penalties     The FC Barcelona was proclaimed world champion on Sunday beach soccer after beating Vasco da Gama on penalties in the final of the World Club Cup Beach Soccer that was played this week in Rio de Janeiro. The atmosphere did not stop against the triumph of Barca, who were always in tow to finish the game with

Dec 14,2015

Appeal dismissed the appeal by improper alignment of Madrid

As expected even at the Bernabeu, the Appeals Body has dismissed the appeal filed by the Madrid for improper alignment of Cheryshev in the Cup match against Cadiz. Thus, the sanction of the single judge why the Real Madrid was eliminated from the competition to include Cheryshev, who was suspended in alignment presented in the Carranza is ratified. At Madrid now it has left only the TAD, which

Dec 11,2015

Barca's 0-4 in the Classic, as an example for the white quarry

  Attitude, play, willingness and philosophy of FC Barcelona in the last Classic (0-4 for Luis Enrique) were put as an example the quarry of Real Madrid just 48 hours after the umpteenth bath white box Catalans at the Bernabeu . As reported Thursday Marca, in the usual meeting where each week coaches Grassroots white made with the heads of the merengue quarry (Victor Fernandez and Juan Lu

Dec 10,2015

Order to Enjoy Free Voucher and 10% Price off on

Christmas is on the way, the annual Christmas season is coming soon as well. Each year EA will have a crazy holiday promotion. It was the best of the year for all the fifa 16 players, during the season people can get rare cards. It is really exciting. One more good news is the first 16 days of fifa 16 is still going on. People can also get gifts from EA from December 10th.   As a great feed

Dec 10,2015

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to collect records

The lazy match against Malmo was a scoring chance for Real Madrid refine their machinery and the front is loaded more confidence for the next matches, Cristiano Ronaldo has not missed an opportunity. But the party has not been completed, because with four goals has been on the verge of equaling Leo Messi and Luiz Adriano as the only two players who so far have been able to do five goals in one mat

Dec 09,2015

FIFA 16 leads a week, Just Cause 3 debuted in fourth place

Today, as every Monday, we have the software sales rankings in the UK and they make us leave FIFA 16 the first place, which is not surprising in a country so passionate about football like this. In other items of interest, due to the few changes, let's see the entries in the rankings of Just Cause 3 in fourth position and Rainbow Six Siege in the sixth. Here are the rankings: 1. FIFA 16 2. Cal

Dec 08,2015