EA new work "FIFA16" Review: More to mental and physical football game

Why I begin to do FIFA16 evaluation for waiting so long, because this change, "stocking up" nature of sports games to improve and selling point, take some time to observe and taste. First of all, let’s talk starting from some obvious changes.   Since the "FIFA13" Enable IGNITE engine in the host version, FIFA series of screen performance has once again been a quali

Nov 09,2015

FIFA 16 third update patch

  EA SPORTS FIFA 16 has pushed the third update patch on Origin platform. The new patch includes the English Premier League crown liter player's avatar updates, adds Roman Barcelona and Inter's third set of jerseys. In addition corrected a lot of BUG, including online gaming and online club matching problem villain achievement is reset problem. Host platform will continue at a later period

Nov 06,2015

1.5 billion hours are not the same: FIFA 16 is known as "the history of the maximum capacity of FIFA"

EA's FIFA series is famous for always breaking the record, FIFA16 is no exception.   According to EA that this includes 1.5 billion hours for the capacity of the game, including a total of 326 million games. Each league will include three top clubs, in the games, Manchester United dominate the Premier League, wish Manchester United were the same in reality game.   EA announced that F

Nov 05,2015

Passarella said that Messi has time to reach the level of Maradona

Former football player Daniel Passarella said today that Lionel Messi has time to reach the level of Diego Armando Maradona.   "By comparison, it is very hateful, but sometimes you must do it, I think Messi has time to reach the level of Maradona," said Passarella in the Mexican city of Pachuca.   Passarella, who went to Monterrey in Mexico to conquer a title, Messi regarde

Nov 04,2015

Not scored in champions to Madrid Ibra gets motivated

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is wanting. At 34 he recognizes that one of the few things that has lacked done in the world of football is to play for Real Madrid, a fact which now appears neither in the FIFA16 roadmap nor in the white club. He arrives touched, but eager to prove that Florentino Perez was wrong on both occasions when the Swede could become a Real Madrid player. The meeting tomorrow will not

Nov 03,2015

Share some offensive and defensive Skills in playing FIFA 16

In "FIFA 16" a lot of players want to challenge to achieve Season D1, it needs more attention to the operating skills during the game, below we bring the following tips of the players shared, let’s have a look. Searching persons is too hard, sometimes I get home late because of the overtime work, from 9:00 in the evening to 12:03 hours only connected two or three times, so until n

Nov 02,2015

FIFA 16: Training in Career Mode bring some more charm to the game

Buy a player in FIFA game's Career Mode and not being able to see it become a big star, it was certainly a disappointment that much admirer of this game is over. Now however, it is possible to train your players. One of the great innovations of FIFA 16 is that in Career Mode you can train each player individually and in specific skills. For those who do not have much patience for this

Oct 30,2015

Thousands of fans regret having bought FIFA 16 due to this big mistake

Find an online opponent in FIFA 16 is still an impossible mission over a month after its release.       There are thousands and thousands of players and the youtuber happens that I show below. Search and search to play against any opponent and, although FIFA 16 shows them that there are a lot of players available at that time ... there are no game.     I honestly

Oct 29,2015


Sony will launch its own eSports service called PlayStation Plus League. A site in French appeared, revealing that games like Street Fighter IV Ultra, Battlefield Hardline and FIFA 16 will be included in the championships, which will take place throughout the year, with several seasons and divisions. Exploring the depths of the site , it can see that the competitions will begi

Oct 28,2015

FIFA 16: The most underrated 15 players!

  FIFA 16 is full of talented players, some of which are all too often underestimated due to a lack of popularity. Big mistake, here are 15 players that will surprise you with their talent!   Each year, teams of EA Sports conducting important research in order to integrate the most players on FIFA. The latest episode, FIFA 16, and these are the moments that make fart cable, has m

Oct 27,2015