A comprehensive analysis of the best team in the second half of the Premier League season in FIFA16

  As the Christmas comes and goes, and the second half of the Premier League season has ended, then the "FIFA16" game, the best team in the second half of the new Premiership season, what is it? let's together to have a look.  the best team in the second half of the Premier League season  in FIFA16  overall analysis: After having contacted the second half of the

Dec 28,2015

How to distinguish the FIFA16 POINTS ACCOUNT for different regions?

Hi dear customers, many of you have been asking us about what's the meaning of different regions of the fifa16 points, now let's talk about it. Please look at below. 1. We will give you FIFA16 Points Account with the points pre-filled .   2. How to select the account region ( EU/ USA / ALL) ? • If your game was downloaded from PlayStation Store ,look at below to check your PSN

Dec 25,2015

Special offer of FIFA 16 and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

Limited time only, when you purchase any version of FIFA 16 Xbox One or PlayStation®4 will receive a digital copy of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare free. This is a great opportunity to enjoy PvZ #PlayBeautiful and Garden Warfare before its sequel is released on February 23. To enjoy this offer, select any of the options available: Xbox One Standard Edition Deluxe edition Super Deluxe E

Dec 24,2015

Real Madrid wants Cristiano be as team leader again

In Madrid they expect a reaction from the template in the month of January. It is understood that recent setbacks have been caused by an excess of relaxation and therefore appealed to the stars to infecting the rest to start the 2016 plugged. They believe we missed a golden opportunity in El Madrigal, but are convinced that not be the last. And you can not fail más. Ramos went to the mixed

Dec 23,2015

Universal Barca

There is no other club in the world who has won more international titles than FC Barcelona. There are already 22 after being the first in history with three World Clubs widening the gap with Real Madrid, AC Milan and Al Ahly of Egypt, who started the year ahead of Barca thanks to his 20 victories beyond its borders . The Champions League against Juventus Berlin served to equalize in the ranking

Dec 22,2015

FUTMAS celebrates Christmas with promotional packages and prizes!

The FUTMAS is an event created by EA to celebrate the Christmas season in the Ultimate Team. Starting today (18), promotional packages, many tournaments and free packages will be offered to players of FIFA 16 until January 4. Recent subjects: FIFA 16 gets the fifth update   Various types of promotional packages are expected to FUTMAS going Packages Premium Gold Jumbo (15k) to Jumbo Play

Dec 21,2015

FIFA 16:list of 10 worst goalkeepers available

Fifa 16, and bring the world of football stars, also has room for athletes from more modest alloys, which are not always good options to strengthen his team at Ultimate Team or in Career mode. In the "B side" of the EA simulator, you can find players with very low numbers in several attributes. Kill the curiosity and discover the list of the ten worst goalkeepers FIFA 16. FIFA 16: Read

Dec 21,2015

FC Barcelona - Guangzhou Evergrande: The time of Asian challenge

11.30 Four and 8TV: The FC Barcelona initiates the Club World Cup in Japan  with facing Guangzhou Evergrande, the Asian champions. The FC Barcelona faces this Thursday (11.30 Catalan time, Four and 8TV) their particular Asian challenge. It will begin its competition in the World Club of Japan facing the best team in China and throughout Asia, the Guangzhou Evergrande of Scolari, Paulinho and

Dec 17,2015

FIFA 16 has a new update

EA announced changes that will have the next update of their FIFA16 game which is focused mainly on the decisions of judges, passing, pressure defense and player positions. Some of these are already in the PC version and will soon reach PS4 and Xbox One. These are the specific changes: -Reforms in the Rules and Physical Systems to improve judges' decisions and penalties awarded. -Changes in beh

Dec 16,2015

¿Goal trick? No,goal by Messi

Leo Messi scored one goal against Depor and has signed as many flag throughout his FIFA16 career still difficult to decide which is the best around. Puskas Trophy candidate the more spectacular of the year, Messi scored another Monday 'target' out of series: in the training of Barca in Yokohama ahead of US debut Thursday at the Club World Cup four-time winner of the Ballon gold put the ball on a

Dec 15,2015