FIFA16 fourth PC version update release; the version update of console is upcoming

EA's FIFA 16 released update recently , but only in the PC version. This is the fourth update since the release, increased by nationality club name lookup function, in addition, to adjust some awkward places, and balance problems. Problems also adjust the game under heavy fog line. PS4 and Xboxone version of the update will be released soon.

Dec 01,2015

"FIFA 16" Women mode adds vitality to great acclaim for the game

As a New Year game, EA's "FIFA" series of has an urgent change and innovation, so in this year's "FIFA16", the players can finally use the women's football team, and this is EA Sports first joining the ranks of women in the series, this new change is indeed won the praise of the outside world. "FIFA 16" Women mode adds vitality to great acclaim for the game Germany,

Nov 30,2015

Messi sweeps as winner of the Golden Ball in the macro poll MD

It remains the largest. Lionel Messi has all the numbers to exaggerate his legend on January 11 in Zurich, the day should be his fifth Golden Ball at the FIFA Gala. Even Cristiano Ronaldo surrendered to the evidence days ago to ensure that the Argentine would be proclaimed best player in the world as it did in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. No one has four Golden Balls like him but in a month and ha

Nov 27,2015

Women's joining in "FIFA16" is thought to be the world's strongest football game

Women's football added into EA's "FIFA16" is no longer news, and this is the first time that EA Sports joined the ranks of women in the family. Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy and Asia, Mexico, and 12 international women's soccer team in the making. The US Women's captain Alex Mogen is  boarded on "FIFA 16" game cover w

Nov 26,2015

Messi is here

Leo Messi took 18 minutes to score a goal since regaining the title after completely overcome his knee injury. The Argentine mark yet another goal and assist in the fourth Pique Barca goal. The crack of Barca showed, if anyone doubted it, that is already fully recovered. Before the first goal already had two clear chances, the first two minutes the goalkeeper sent a corner and the second after 9

Nov 25,2015

Godin: "Luis Suarez is the best '9' of the world"

  Diego Godin was guest Monday at the 'Fever Maldini' program. Uruguayan defender season praised his compatriot Luis Suarez which he described as' the best '9' of the world. " "It has all the records of a front. Before coming to Barcelona I said that you can play FIFA16 in any big world," said the Uruguayan defense. Godin appointed is their football idol, "Fran

Nov 24,2015

Save 10% on for Crazy Black Friday

The 2015 year is coming to an end, as we all expect for quite a long time. The Black Friday is finally coming. This Friday our website will give great feedback to our customers.   From today to Decemeber 04th, you can save 10% once you place any order on our website. And no minimum purchase required. This is a great time for you to save money. The discount code is BlackFIFA. Once you c

Nov 23,2015

Claudio Bravo was thrashed by Stegen in FIFA 16

Chilean goalkeeper faced the German on the popular video game that ended with a resounding 4-0 prompting jokes winners. The rivalry in goal for Barcelona was taken to the virtual field by EA Sports where porters Claudio Bravo and Ter Stegen met in a fun championship FIFA 16, where the German won by a convincing 4-0 at the goalkeeper team of Colo Colo. Before the match against Real Madrid where t

Nov 23,2015

Neymar-Alba-Ter Stegen vs. Bravo-Alves-Arda: Who won the FIFA16?

  Six players from FC Barcelona faced off in a surprising to FIFA16 duel. The match ended 4-0 and made for many laughs and stories The video, published by EA Sports, shows how the team of Neymar, Jordi Alba and Ter Stegen was apalizó his teammates by defeating them 4-0 prompting jokes winners. As always happens in these types of games, the 'sprints' between them encouraged the atm

Nov 20,2015

Team of the week: TOTW 10

  First time that a team of the week includes players who made a great performance in a friendly. We expected a relatively weak TOTW, give us the possibility of selling the FIFA16 coins purchases made in the United FUT past, but EA again changed the rules of the game, including players who are not usually included, giving a great team of the week that will surely make the market will not r

Nov 19,2015