Learn how to use all types of finishing in Fifa 16

FIFA 16 offers a variety of possibilities to find the net, and perhaps the most important foundation for scoring goals is finalizing.In addition to traditional kicks, the game has an excellent list of different movements that apply to different situations and can help you trouncing opponents.   FIFA 16: tested the women's selections and the new gameplay of the game Want to increase the rep

Oct 21,2015

Again, FIFA 16 leads weekly sales of UK

New releases failed to make a dent to the most popular titles of the moment. For the fourth consecutive week, FIFA 16 continues to lead weekly sales of games in the UK region. Second place belongs to the same title last week, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection which received a 9/10 in our review. The Taken King also maintained the same place, but fell by 22 p

Oct 20,2015

What happened to FIFA after upgrading 1.02

What happened to FIFA after upgrading 1.02? You probably remember the update that came out earlier this month of October for FIFA 16. This patch has caused the most players of anger because all the enthusiasm that existed before the launch of the game did not happen. Understand what happened and what to do to solve. The demo of FIFA 16 was released and the excitement came along with it. The game

Oct 19,2015

Check out tips on how to make coins in the Ultimate Team mode for FIFA 16

The Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 16 is among the favorites of virtual soccer fans, thanks to the freedom of choice, variety of athletes available uniforms and procedures. To succeed, you need to accumulate coins and make big signings. The purchased money you can buy new players, boosters and accessories for sports game.   Read the full review of FIFA 16 in TechTudo The TechTudo pre

Oct 16,2015


Which is better? Fifa 16 or PES 16, this is a widely discussed topic every year.   The FIFA. It is still a better game, more complete and more real. The point is what your intention. If it is fun, the PES is coolest. If you want a football simulator with all the details that can make your experience even in a boring game with no goals, is the FIFA.   The work behind the scenes was

Oct 15,2015

FIFA 16 - Promising Young Players in the Career Mode

The Career Mode is one of the most played modes in FIFA series and received great news this year. Many gamers like to assemble teams with younger players so that they can evolve and become great athletes. This matter will help thousands of gamers. We list several players who can make rapid progress in his career in FIFA 16.   For this, separated by position several players scattered in diff

Oct 14,2015

Companion application receives the first update

      The Companion is an application used to manage your rosters, your items, buy packages and assemble his team in the new FUT Draft in Ultimate Team. The app received this week its first update to Android and Windows Phone - iOS will soon receive.   Updated for FIFA 16, the Companion App includes FUT Draft Mode, an exciting new way to build squads in FUT. Get your squ

Oct 13,2015

A solution for disconnections of FIFA 16 on Playstation 4

After the solution of opening ports on your router to overcome the sudden disconnections on FIFA 16, players still face worries about Playstation 4 in particular. This is a new solution to solve this problem given by a member of Reddit forum.After the solutions you can buy fifa 16 coins and play freely via ps 4. These modifications were tested by two players before you share them and a

Oct 12,2015

FIFA 16 UT in-Form: Promising Young stars of the Bundesliga

 They are the bright young generation who play in the Bundesliga and they are in-form in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team on mobile. The Purple in-from items were chosen from every Bundesliga team in order to meet the new season. EA chose 3 stars out of each team.  It will realse for 3 times and will be 54 players totally. Buy fifa 16 coins to get the first 18 players. The firs

Oct 10,2015

كيفية شراء فيفا 16 قطعة نقدية في ؟

لدينا أربعة المعاملات هم التجارة اعب والتجارة الحساب والتجارة الراحة، و النقاط التجارية . للتجارة اللعب ، يجب أن تولي اهتماما لهذه النصائح: 1.    تضع معلومات لاعهبك في السوق مع سعر شراء فوري صحيح و أيضا تضعه في المزاد لمدة 3 أيام. 2.    يجب أن يكون سعر إبتدائي سعر مميزا و لا تستخدم سعر عاديا. 3.    من اللازم أن تقول لنا كم وقت يبقى عندما تضع اللاعب

Oct 10,2015