How to log into 163mail to get Security Code?

If you buy a new account on, sometimes you will receive a 163mail which help you to get the security code, but now many customers do not know how to use 163mail. So today we will introduce you how to use it. , 163mail is shown in Chinese. First, you should visit this site;   Second, put your 163 account into the blank(This is step 1) and enter the passw

Mar 17,2015

How to buy coins from after EA "Price Range" update?

  How to place order on Actually there are three ways:   1st, list a player do as the following 4 steps for your order:  A. Select a player whose maximal price range corresponds at least to your&

Mar 12,2015

20% Price Off for St. Patrick’s Day Tournament

St.Patrick’s Day Tournament is coming soon. Buy coins on! During the St.Patrick’s Day, will have a great promotion! 20% price off for all the FIFA15 coins. It is such a good chance to buy large amount of coins to build up your Irish squad during this time! Besides, all the coupon & discount codes are still available. Double surprise and double good luck!

Mar 10,2015

Notice about The Delayed Delivery of FUT Coins

Since EA’s maintenance, recently automatic delivery system of fifa1314 will be closed temporarily and delivery of FUT Coins will be delayed about 1-3 hours. Please be patientif you don’t receive coins as usual. No any effect about making orders. Please just go to member system to check order status if you want to know any information about your order. And please try not to ask the

Feb 15,2015

Great Promotion of the Spring Festival

Now the spring festival is on the way. FIFA1314 will have a very crazy promotion. All FIFA15 coins are up to 25% off with 16 days! Otherwise the coupons and discounts are still available during the promotion. Buy more fifa15 coins with less money. FIFA1314 will always aim to bringing your wonderful game experience. As a professional website which provides FIFA 15 coins, we always put our customers

Feb 09,2015

FIFA1314 Anniversary Celebration Unprecedented Promotion Sale

2015 is a lucky and happy year! was born for one year! From Fifa 14 to Fifa 15, we go through all kind of hardness but always stick to our purpose which is providing cheap Fifa 15 coins as well as best service. has been added to favorite sites on the browser for many times during the year. And a large number of regular customers have witnessed our growth. Many of

Jan 23,2015

Set Your Buy Now Price

Hello dear customer! Here is statement of how do you set your buy now price, please read it carefully! Thank you!   If you do not put any coupon code: How many coins you choose to buy, and then buy now price is the same amount     If you put a coupon code: Buy Price is amount of your coins plus coupon coins, as the following picture:

Jan 14,2015

How to Use Coupon Code & Discount Code

 How to Use Coupon Code & Discount Code   -----Steps of Purchasing Fifa Coins     1, Visit; 2, Choose your platform; 3, Choose amount of your coins; 4, Click“Buy Now”; 5, Put the coupon code/discount code

Dec 22,2014

Fifa1314 Christmas Promotion!

No good plan to enjoy the Christmas Day? Stay at home and play Fifa 15 is also a good choice.  The lack of coins contaminate this wonderful moment? Not until you met! :)  Now buy fifa15 coins f

Dec 18,2014

Copa del mundo Brasil crimen ministros: tuvo se han reído demasiado corta para dejar super feliz

  Paris Saint-Germain en avanzada una bola esta mañana a la revocación del Barcelona 3-ball, invicta en todas las competiciones esta temporada para mantener el cuerpo de oro está roto. Sin embargo, la derrota no impidió que París nuevamente clasificado para los octavos de la Champions League, puede ocultar clase ley un luchador esta temporada ha mostrado

Dec 11,2014