The 20 Best FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Bargains To Improve Any Squad

The early stages of the FIFA Ultimate Team season can be tough as you try to build a side that you can play consistently with as soon as possible. While you may have to wait a while before you earn enough coins to be able to buy the kinds of players you'll be meeting in Weekend League every week, every year there are players that play way above what their stats suggest and thus go under the radar

Oct 11,2017

FIFA 18: How to Organize Your Team

Don’t be the guy who sets up his custom settings and renames his player profile. When 7 people are waiting their turn to play the game, dive right into the action. Last year in FIFA 2017 the 4-3-3 was dominant. With the proper speed on the wings it was a deluge of crosses, counterattacking football, and knifing runs into the heart of your opponents defense. Now, when you have a bit more time

Oct 10,2017

Christian Pulisic in FIFA 18: The Best Players

Starting your new career? You should look into purchasing him from Borussia Dortmund or even playing as the German club. Don’t just take my word for it; here is all you need to know about Christian Pulisic, in the new FIFA 18. His FIFA stats don’t start off the charts at an overall rating of 78, but that’s higher than Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s were in FIFA 16. and also you

Oct 09,2017


FIFA 18 marks the long-running soccer franchise’s return to Nintendo systems after an absence since 2014. But the return of EA’s series, now on the NIntendo Switch, isn’t without its drawbacks. The absence of The Journey is, according to EA, due to the absence of Frostbite on the Switch version. “The Journey is powered by Frostbite. When we looked at the platform and its un

Sep 30,2017

Run The Jewels’ ‘Mean Demeanor’ Brings Some Extra Kick To FIFA18’s Latest Ad

FIFA 18‘s latest ad displays the game’s social component with a little extra help from Run The Jewels and the “Tornado Mix” of their new track, “Mean Demeanor.” and also these cheap fifa 18 coins belong to you guys. The plot of the clip is simple; a highlight from a FIFA 18 session goes so incredibly viral that a “tornado kick” goal pulled off by one

Sep 29,2017

EA Sports Removes Jammu And Kashmir From India's Map In FIFA '18

He has reached out to EA Sports help centre representative, who has said it should be fixed in the next update. Avid FIFA gamer Bhopi, 26, observed the anomaly when he was playing the 'squad battles' mode of the game, as part of a subscription to EA's Origin Access portal, which allowed him to play 10 hours of the game before its launch. and also you can buy fifa 18 coins from our site. I saw an I

Sep 28,2017

StubHub Center included as one EA SPORTS FIFA 18 playable stadiums

he hit game drops on Sept. 29 and will feature the home of the LA Galaxy as one of the unique playable stadiums for PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC systems. StubHub Center is the first soccer-specific venue in Major League Soccer history to be included. now the fifa 18 will be released, and you can buy fifa 18 coins from our site. All facets of the venue from its iconic palm trees to its towering vi

Sep 27,2017

FIFA 18 Squad Battles Rewards for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 Squad Battles Rewards have been released in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team! While not as lucrative as FUT Champions Rewards, the new FUT game mode will offer worthwhile prizes. and also you can buy fifa 18 coins from our site. Bookmark this page and refer back each week for the rewards you can win. In the new single player FIFA 18 Squad Battles game mode you compete against other FUT squads, earnin

Sep 26,2017

FIFA18: Top 5 Sky Bet League One players

As ever, the new iteration of the hugely successful EA Sports console game FIFA18 is about to hit the shelves and with that comes the release of the player stats. and aslo you can buy fifa 18 coins from our site. Once these hit sites such as Futhead, there is usually a wave of controversy as football fans begin to complain that Player A deserves a higher rating than Player B or that Player C&rsquo

Sep 25,2017

Run the Jewels' video game tour continues in 'FIFA 18'

Killer Mike and El-P, collectively known as Run the Jewels, are no strangers to video games. Previously they appeared in Gears of War 4 as multiplayer characters, and now the duo are lending their talents to FIFA 18. and also these fifa 18 ps4 coins belong to you guys. Or, at least, their iconography. You can outfit your virtual footballer in kit featuring the group's trademark fist and gun logo o

Sep 22,2017