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Nov 27,2014

Record-breaking Champions League Messi 3 ball Su Shen goal Barcelona 4-0

5th two thousand fourteen-fifteenths UEFA Champions League group f match of the day a focus of war fighting at the GSP Stadium, Barcelona 4:0 away win against Greece people competitive, Suarez scored debut goals, Lionel Messihat-trick breaks the 

Nov 26,2014

Samsung or Sony will stop sponsoring the FIFA "superior"

Sony decided to stop with FIFA (FIFA) signed a new contract of top sponsors.As the 2007-14 contract expires, Sony will withdraw from FIFA's list of topsponsors. Sony 2014 fiscal year (as of March 15) as "1 year of imp

Nov 26,2014

2014, top scorer in the Premier League: dark horse KUN Manchester City 3 o 17-ball Super top 4

 In 2014, will soon be over, counting will follow. In this calendar year, and who is by far the Premier League goals than any other player? Not Suarez, not Wayne Rooney or Sergio Aguero, the answer is Swansea striker Boni! Boni went into the game against Manchester City a penalty kick Suarez and Daniel Sturridge were on the season Premier League Golden Boot winner, silver boots, but if th

Nov 25,2014

150 million + youth pull 3 diamonds in the rough top 4 British media Manchester United Re wind like Fan Shuai

Tough defeat away to Arsenal Manchester United finally stumble into the top four with 150 million beginning in the summer, but British media said Blackett, McNair and Wilson three Academy youngsters is also Red Devils "dragged into" key player in the top four, "dictator" van Gaal has finally huffed. The Telegraph: Academy 3 diamonds in the rough pulled Manchester United top fo

Nov 25,2014

FIFA15 cool screen legend Filippo Inzaghi experience with Filippo Inzaghiscoring video highlights

  Inzaghi is Milan legend opportunistic striker's representatives, but would like to embody this kind of football talent in the game it was verydifficult, in addition to poor 90+ data and good stunts, others can be saidto be appalling.&n

Nov 24,2014

FIFA15 UT mode reactions tacit values such as graphic resolution

  Personal chemistry is affected by this impact players with other players on the tie between them. Such as goalkeeper in a 352 formation with 3 wires, sohe wants to achieve maximum understanding value 10 must satisfy the 3&nbs

Nov 24,2014

Messi suffered "cuts of meat to feed the Eagle" for Ronaldinho fromBarcelona go way to fall?

  In the Buddhist stories, "cut meat to feed the Eagle" refers to the Buddhato let Eagles do not starve yourself of meat cut for Eagle to eat, finallyripen because of the compassion of the Buddha. In the real world,&n

Nov 21,2014

Winter window exposure arsenal signed qieheda agreement strike generalsreturn to Manchester United

  Winter in the Sun revealed Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho last week will nothold Cech. The daily star recently reported that arsenal and Chelsea havereached an agreement that Petr Cech will be in January next year to 7million pound transfer&

Nov 21,2014

Daluoli Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Ball award: Macy's excellent butthis year didn't show

  "There's only one Ronaldo" fans who are constantly arguing over Ronaldo andRonaldo in recent years even better. But between the two giants is stillMazer, Ronaldo said in an interview recently, he backed Ronaldo won this year's&nbs

Nov 20,2014