Hardware and software requirements to enhance the FIFA15 Demo test report

  In sports games, and the FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer series has always been competitors. If you want to gain an advantage, then the first is undoubtedly the best strategy. The FIFA 15 was released on September 26,while Pro Evolution&

Nov 11,2014

Hyper-looking combination of FIFA to implement 25+5 or evergrande Lunenglayoff binge

While Shanghai came to Hong Kong before introducing Sun Xiang, Gao Lin andZhang linpeng three constant large workhorse gossip and more experiencebefore, Guangzhou evergrande wants released is bound to not do lose moneytrading, but for now, 

Nov 10,2014

No host area benefits of the FIFA World PC online game trailer released

  Recently, EA Sports released the PC exclusive free online games FIFA World(FIFA World) new trailers, screenshots, already listed on the games, EA andcontinuously through the engine upgrade to improve the game screen, this isgood news f

Nov 10,2014

Bayern ahead of the Champions League but worries never saw the truce of 2-3 months

  Bayern 2:0 win at home in Rome, tournament ahead of two lines. However, theBundesliga Giants ushered in was not all good news, Guardiola after the gameand the team doctor has confirmed that starting fullback David alaba's kneeinjury, and&nb

Nov 07,2014

Manchester United was afraid! Giant purchase of 50 million to Trump blindpit

  In many signings of Manchester United in the summer, one of the most closely watched is undoubtedly the Super God front Falcao, but due to injuries,Falcao at Manchester United's performance was not satisfactory for thisseason, which&nb

Nov 07,2014

AC Milan giant mihui key buy real Madrid midfielder snubbed a genius werewarned

  For more than a month to go before winter transfer window time, AC Milan'stransfer market, in fact, has already begun. Strikers Suso deals have beenfinalised, the rossoneri's only need to wait for the arrival of January. Inaddition to Suso,

Nov 06,2014

West vector review October team of La Liga: Real Madrid 6 highestnon-Ronaldo

  Spain media Marca request for online voting, October award La Liga team,Real Madrid 6 were selected, Barcelona is 0.   Real Madrid Ramos, and Carbajal, and ISCO, Hames-Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema among, Atletico's two seni

Nov 06,2014

FIFA 15 player dream team mode card introduced graphic details

  I. Introduction:   Dream team is one of the most popular games in the FIFA game mode, made upprimarily of various cards. So how do I get to these players card? mainly in the following four ways:   Path:   Whe

Nov 05,2014

Microsoft Australia push Xbox One set 5 masterpiece you pick!

  Sales of Microsoft's Xbox in order to ascend One host costs a great deal ofthought, not only with countries such as Britain and the United States ofmarkdowns, Taiwan area, there are many concessions, now has more than 5games, giving 

Nov 04,2014

British man played FIFA15 for 48 hours for the charity challenge records

  It was reported that at present "the longest Marathon playing football videogames record" is 48 hours and 5 minutes, dare to break the record? Recently,a player Chirs Cook will challenge the record of London, is int

Nov 03,2014