UK game sales chart: FIFA15 soccer kingdom continued dominating the list

EA's "FIFA 15" is still dominating the English game sales chart top spot, two high-profile games are not successful starting a championship. FIFA 15 "Alien: isolation," runner-up, the "Middle Earth: Mordor Shadows" squeeze, and PS4 exclusive racing masterpiece "driving club" is only ranked No. 5, did not overtake Microsoft's "Forza: Horizon 2. "

Oct 14,2014

FIFA15 532 tactical formation Raiders

Shortly before the sale FIFA15 surely we have experienced, with the lineup for the game in a new generation of games, it seems that 532 of the more tactics favorite players, here are 532 lineup Raiders share. 532 tactical formation Raiders Tried 5-3-2 formation, found really nice surprise wins 10 games d2,6 level -1 -3 negative, Barcelona, Real Madrid is no longer imaginary play, and sleep whe

Oct 13,2014

"FIFA 15" 442,352 contrast formation and experience

Formation in the second "2" position on two fast strikers, such as Sturridge Lucas, this generation is the basic road straight plug pole, Please play with 433 pseudo-9 wing opened formation 15 I love playing that 41,212 pairs of CM, often under the bottom dry ah. That is not avant-garde choice of bilateral, several pull too far midfield, central defense pressure accustomed too uncomf

Oct 13,2014

Love! Blues fans to copy Costa nine goals with FIFA15

Feng Pa former Atletico Madrid Diego - Costa summer transfer to Chelsea, the Spanish first seven games and scored nine goals for the team, the club finished the Premier League (microblogging feature) of the top of the biggest player, Costa the arrival of a complete end to make the team last season weak front embarrassment. According to British media, "Daily Mail" message, a Chelsea (offi

Oct 13,2014

FIFA 15 X1 on D1 formation analysis and graphic Raiders players Recommended

Since I opened the EA member so into the game five days in advance, and then washed three times Green Dot opened the package, able to get the best players are Levante, followed Ravitch (four times) then that is all kinds of 82-84 between the players before the five days are all linked to the market players pumping money. First, that formation Only determine the formation and style of play in ord

Oct 11,2014

FIFA 15 Dream Team first four weeks of the Week roster released Robben, Degea, Bonucci headed

Weekly performance will be named the most outstanding player in EA's best team in the league every week or in the international arena. Players can challenge the Ultimate Team mode Week lineup and get the game gold. Players can simultaneously pumping package through the week to get these players in the form of cards, these cards valuable collections. FIFA 15 Coins On the weekend the seventh round

Oct 11,2014

FIFA 15 rushing D1 Raiders players and formation options, long-range experience

D4 hit last night from D2, improve the next morning 4312, with the legendary LL under the bar of God, abandoning the right of waste STU (mainly other direct defense you left, it is very painful). Pakistani God (Hunter) and Remy (eat sniper, because stopping Remy stand 5 meters) partner. Player selection and analysis About Barco god (PS4 Price: 4w5): This is a few games down, has been observing

Oct 10,2014

FIFA Online3 14 season player cards which 14 players the ability to analyze the value of the card will rise

The first is the ability of a wave hanbok has risen worth w card. North can get into bullish now also three, Ram, j Romania and Romania old man. Time to start is the end of the season. 15, there are so few cases I think it will rise, the Long East, flexible full-body strengthening archery. Cut excessive balance itself, be regarded as a big buff. Now a single card 15000 is really cabbage price.

Oct 10,2014

"FIFA 15" players to share money UT mode Raiders

Buffett as a successful investment businessman, is the most commonly used means to buy low and sell high. And fifa15 more fragrant when a stock market, of course, where the player is stock. The reason to make money with stocks like buy low sell high. Here is the most common means Louzhu nif investment (non-inform player) it simply whenever a player enters weeks after the best team, in addition t

Oct 10,2014

FIFA 15 UT mode strategy UT how to make money to make money

  Buffett as a successful business investment, the most commonly used method is to buy low sell high. And fifa15 more sweet when a stock market, of course The player is stock here. And make money of truth as well as stock buy low, sell high.   This floor pig is the most commonly used means of nif investment (non - inform player) in simple terms Whenever there are players into the team

Oct 09,2014