"FIFA 15" is so fire

FIFA fans certainly have waited too long, and we already know "FIFA 15" will be held September 23, 2014 (ie tomorrow) landed PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PC. Today, a large number of arrival to the business entity on CD-ROM, a mere few pictures from the figure we can understand that, "FIFA 15" versions have filled the shelves of businesses. But, after all, no rape is

Sep 23,2014

FIFA 15 system resolves Tutorial graphic Raiders

Long time tournament: Select 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,15,20 minutes as the game half time; Match Difficulty: FIFA series based on the player's choice of players AI opponents difficulty (beginner, semi-professional, professional, world-class, legend); Referee: Here you can select a specific referees per game player, or choose randomly to officiate each game; Competition Speed: set the game speed. Game s

Sep 22,2014

Carlos and other three legendary patriarch enters FIFA15 list

FIFA15 added the "ultimate team Legend" mode, there are three former Real Madrid players in the top ten of veteran players, including Butragueno, Laudrup and Robert - Carlos. Butragueno of the total rated capacity of 90, ranked third, and he tied there Schmeichel and Stoichkov. Higher capacity than they have Baresi Beckenbauer 92 and 93. Michelle - Laudrup ranked fourth with 89, and he

Sep 22,2014

"FIFA 15" players to share the official version of the early play with feelings

Screen can be used to describe a beautiful day light is very beautiful golf course turf FIFA players the best looking picture than the host version 11 is even better at night just tried to Stamford Bridge (Reasons described below) with the demo version of the same dim or increase plasma TVs need to enhance the contrast of the picture Specific play feeling is the feeling of playing the official

Sep 22,2014

Up to 10% off on

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Sep 01,2014

Lampard withdrew played 106 times for England World Cup had three wars

Lampard announced its withdrawal from the England national team, the legendary midfielder for the Three Lions played a total of 106 games, participated in three World Cup and two European Cup, scoring 29 goals. Lampard said: "I have decided to quit the national team, to make this decision very difficult, therefore, after the World Cup I brooded over every play for your country, I am filled w

Aug 27,2014

League Cup - Defender series of gifts made ​​Super League team upset Manchester United 0-4

League Cup 2014-15 season were the first two of the game, Manchester United Stadium against League One MK guest team Milton Keynes, Manchester United lost 0-4 League One team has been eliminated. Manchester United four clean sheets are caused by their own mistakes, Evans, Michael - Keane, Pereira and Virgin Mill continuous gifts, Milton Keynes Reeves sent out three assists, Grieg and A Fubei all t

Aug 27,2014

Dimaliya farewell letter publicly blasted the club level: they always lie

Premiership giants Manchester United officially announced Dimaliya officially joined the team. Angel's transfer was finally settled. Spanish "Marca" exclusive Dimaliya open letter published in a letter in which he explained the reasons for leaving the team also thanked the fans for years for his favorite. Continuous bought Cross and J Lo, Real Madrid superstar collect Dragon Ball, but f

Aug 27,2014

Manchester United 5970 pounds transfer fee to sign five-year record Premiership record

Manchester United official website officially announced the creation of the Premier League record 59.7 million pounds (75 million euros, 84 million euros in total count float) transfer fee, signing Real Madrid attacking midfielder, Argentina international Di Maria, the contract for up to five years. According to British media news, Mary's weekly earnings up to £ 200,000. This summer lengthy

Aug 27,2014

See also the industry's conscience? "FIFA 14" Japanese Xbox One version was canceled because of "FIFA 15" play with

Xbox One host scheduled Sept. 4 landed the Japanese market, as well as random sale "FIFA 14" game, but EA has officially announced, Xbox One Japanese version of "FIFA 14" will be canceled because of "FIFA 15" suffer too closer. It is reported that, "FIFA 15" 10 月 9 landing on the Japanese market, including the Xbox One version, because the "FIFA 14&quo

Aug 25,2014