FIFA Online3 14 season player cards which 14 players the ability to analyze the value of the card will rise

The first is the ability of a wave hanbok has risen worth w card. North can get into bullish now also three, Ram, j Romania and Romania old man. Time to start is the end of the season. 15, there are so few cases I think it will rise, the Long East, flexible full-body strengthening archery. Cut excessive balance itself, be regarded as a big buff. Now a single card 15000 is really cabbage price.

Oct 10,2014

"FIFA 15" players to share money UT mode Raiders

Buffett as a successful investment businessman, is the most commonly used means to buy low and sell high. And fifa15 more fragrant when a stock market, of course, where the player is stock. The reason to make money with stocks like buy low sell high. Here is the most common means Louzhu nif investment (non-inform player) it simply whenever a player enters weeks after the best team, in addition t

Oct 10,2014

FIFA 15 UT mode strategy UT how to make money to make money

  Buffett as a successful business investment, the most commonly used method is to buy low sell high. And fifa15 more sweet when a stock market, of course The player is stock here. And make money of truth as well as stock buy low, sell high.   This floor pig is the most commonly used means of nif investment (non - inform player) in simple terms Whenever there are players into the team

Oct 09,2014

Unlock the FIFA 15 Extra Effort

  Trophies 98% progress in two days because of the pure character trophy, BBS from abroad after moving to a new solution, platinum tried about half an hour early.   Prerequisites: there are double handles. Steps: 1. To Settings: Cyber-shot error: 0 Cyber-shot speed: 100 - Goalkeeper Ability: 0 - Power Bar: between 0 to 10 - First Touch Control error: 0 2. His party (master con

Oct 09,2014

FIFA 15 Raiders how to get the whole trophy trophy trophy acquisition method

How to reduce the difficulty of the CPU: You can, game settings found in the CPU Gameplay Customization Setting the game pause menu, then you can freely adjust the difficulty of the CPU. Football legend Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies) Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies) Get all the trophies No turning the ball Score a go

Oct 08,2014

"FIFA 15" dominance hard to shake! UK sales chart on winning the championship

The latest week's UK game sales chart has been released last week, won the sales crown "FIFA 15" continues to force, and still maintain the first position. The latest week's UK game sales chart has been released last week, won the sales crown "FIFA 15" continues to force, and still maintain the first position, successfully defending! And as the dark horse of the "Middle

Oct 08,2014

England one week sales: "FIFA 15" How long can reelected title

Before and after a variety of new works and the masterpiece of the attack, EA's annual football masterpiece "FIFA 15" still on top of the UK game sales chart this week's champion.FIFA 15 Coins To be honest, Xiao Bian do not feel surprised, curious individuals only: this time "FIFA 15" How long can occupy the position of Champions? Although the "FIFA 15" at the l

Oct 08,2014

Adding elements FIFA15 enjoy football management simulation feast

EA masterpiece FIFA15 Ultimate Team Chinese version has shelves, a new version of the events on the basis of the whole operation to join the simulation management elements, so we put more energy into stressful events were to go. Players using the fast analog functional test management skills. In this process, the player can be wise to replace tactical adjustment and assessment team strength. Match

Sep 30,2014

"FIFA15" five major league team with the strongest recommendation

Currently FIFA15 has officially released the iOS platform shelves, so many players is regrettable that in this new football feast in operation before have so many different players are very upset. This does not apply to operations in more or capacity needs of our whole team to get the victory for us, so this requires us to strengthen the squad strength, the following small groups to recommend the

Sep 30,2014

"FIFA 15" to improve the scoring rate method described

In "FIFA 15", the goalkeeper who have been greatly improved, the players found that in general, with the previous technique is not easy shot, but in this as a new addition to the stunt shot, shot using this stunt to increase intake ball rate, while there are also some other small way, here to tell us about. FIFA 15 Coins We can look at the operating instructions, LT + X is Flair shot,

Sep 28,2014