How to get FIFA 18 on pre-order for only £30

The launch date for FIFA 18 is almost upon us with gamers everywhere eager to get their hands on a copy as soon as they can. You can get FIFA 18 for just £30 from Zavvi using this cashback offer. Simply sign up to Quidco here and follow the instructions to buy the game from Zavvi. You will then receive a £20 cashback bonus within two weeks of your purchase. and also these fifa 18 xbox

Sep 21,2017

FIFA 18: Every Chelsea Player's Ratings

A quick look at the Premier League table will already tell you that Chelsea have a job on their hands to retain the title. Antonio Conte's troops have won 3 of their opening 5 games, but there are threatening sounds coming from both halves of Manchester this season. Man Utd and City sit 3 points above Chelsea in the table already, and both look in fine form. Fire up FIFA 18 and you can expect to h

Sep 20,2017

FIFA 18 Web App release time confirmed by EA

For those that are desperate to find out when the FIFA 18 Web App Early Start begins, we are pleased to bring you an official confirmation of this direct from EA. do you guys know the date about the release time, and also you can buy fifa 18 coins from our site. The developer has given out some fantastic information this year, which will put an end to all of the false rumors about Web App start da

Sep 19,2017

20 FIFA 18 players with the biggest Ultimate Team ratings increases

If you’re reading this and you’re a Bayer Leverkusen footballer by the name of Kai Havertz, take a bow, son: you’re the most improved player in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. One player always certain to get a gigantic stats increase across the board was Kylain Mbappe. He started last season as a winger on the cusp of the Monaco first team, and ended it as one of Europe’s best cent

Sep 18,2017

FIFA 18 Will Cost Less On The Nintendo Switch In Australia

The year is 2017 and Nintendo Switch owners are paying more for their games than people are on rival platforms. The unfortunate term “Switch Tax” has been coined to explain why certain developers and publishers are upping their prices for games released on Nintendo’s latest system. and also you can buy fifa 18 coins from our site. The whole issue as we’ve previously discuss

Sep 15,2017

FIFA 18 PC Specifications Revealed

The official FIFA 18 PC system requirements have been revealed by Electronic Arts. and also you can buy fifa 18 coins from our site, What’s interesting is that the game will support Microsoft’s DirectX 12 low-level API. We’ll have to see what kind of performance improvements FIFA 18 PC will be able to get from DirectX 12. Previous installments already ran very smoothly even on Di

Sep 13,2017

FIFA 18 demo arrives on PS4 this Tuesday, 12th September

Experience FIFA 18’s Real Player Motion Technology, a groundbreaking animation system that unlocks a new level of realistic, responsive, and fluid gameplay. and also these cheap fifa 18 coins belong to you guys. Player Personalities give some of the biggest stars in the world the distinct traits of their real-world counterparts, Team Styles let players mimic their favourite clubs’ dist

Sep 12,2017

FIFA 18 vs. PES 2018 Destiny 2 open world

Is it just me or is FIFA 18 getting hardly any hype this year? I know football games aren’t GC’s thing but I’ve barely heard or read about it anywhere this year. Which seems weird because I assume it’s still going to be the biggest seller of the year. and also you can get fifa 18 coins from our site. Or maybe that’s the reason why and they don’t see any need to

Sep 11,2017

FIFA 18 Ratings: Every Player Score Revealed So Far

In just a matter of a couple of short weeks, the world of football gaming will once more turn on their consoles en masse to dive into the latest addition to the behemoth FIFA franchise. and also you can buy fifa 18 ps4 coins from our site.  Once more, we're being promised improved gameplay, improved likenesses and new features designed to improve the overall game experience, and EA Sports'

Sep 08,2017

Alex Hunter Appears To Be Hunting For Pastures New In Latest FIFA 18 Trailer

last year’s FIFA 17 was the story mode known as The Journey in whicn players controlled the first professional season for Alex Hunter. Alex’s career began in England, but in FIFA 18 the whole world is keeping an eye on him and he has choices to make on where to go next, and also now you can buy fifa 18 coins from our site. be it Real Madrid, Paris St Germain, or even further afield.

Sep 07,2017