"FIFA 15" producer clarify: Even Su teeth will not bite

There are many rumors before "FIFA 15" will be highly reduced "Su teeth" Luis Suarez's bite skills, making people could not, came forward to clarify, said it was impossible. Sebastien Enrique is "FIFA 15" PS4 and Xbox One version of the chief producer, from "FIFA 06" EA Sports has been the start of work, can be regarded as "FIFA" series veteran fi

Aug 15,2014

Haan: Dutch incredible start playing crazy not a good thing too sturdy

Dutch team in the World Cup victory over defending champion Spain 5 to 1 is really amazing, this is a great game, no one expected the Dutch team can play so well. Everyone have doubts before the game, the team will face in what state the World Cup, the team will show how in the World Cup. I have criticized the team, because it has always been 5-3-2 formation is not my favorite, but the result is t

Jun 18,2014

World Cup - Neymar scoring the goal line was God bashing Brazil 0-0 Mexico

The first two World Cup Group A at the beginning of the first contest  Armstrong Stadium, Brazil 0-0 draw with Mexico, ending 10-game winning streak, four times World Cup clash with Mexico for the first time victorious. The first half, Neymar header line at the door was saved Ochoa. The second half, Neymar and Thiago Silva and shot at close range header was Ochoa's resolve. Both teams in the

Jun 18,2014

Brazil VS Mexico Preview: Neymar blows enemies or super Rivaldo

Group A World Cup second round first game in the stadium in Fortaleza Castelnau started, to win the first round clash in Brazil and Mexico, which is the confrontation between the two old enemies, the Brazilian World Cup team will strive to continue the positive Track race victory opponents, Neymar if more break, is expected to overtake the top scorer in the national team head Rivaldo. Brazil vs Me

Jun 17,2014

Belgium VS Algeria Preview: English Premier League team made a strong attack demon

2014 Brazil World Cup Group H opening match will be the Mineiro Belo Horizonte arena started by the European Belgian team against African teams Algerian team. Belgium World Cup after a lapse of 12 years after the battles before them two times against an African team wins and one draw, while Algeria has six victorious in the World Cup, against teams demon Belgium, Desert Fox would have difficulty w

Jun 17,2014

C Lo injured goalkeeper revealed that Germany would not hurt to go into battle opener

Portugal will face Germany in the 16th World Cup opener, goalkeeper Eduardo said today, although the player core C Lo left knee injury caused widespread speculation outside, but his training in good condition, will certainly go into battle. Eduardo in the Portugal training camp located near Sao Paulo, told reporters:. ".. Case C Lo's good he trained very well and very hard hundred percent we

Jun 16,2014

Germany VS Portugal Preview: C Luo Luo or starting Klose big red record

2014 Brazil World Cup Group G a focus on war in El Salvador in the new stadium to hold water, the German team against Portugal. The two teams clash on the history of the race four games, the German team 3-1. 2000 European Cup group match, Portugal 3-0; 2006 World Cup in three or four finals, Germany won 3-1; 2008 European Cup 1/4 finals, Germany, 3-2 win; 2012 European Cup group match, Germany 1-

Jun 16,2014

Paul abdicated! God camel predict the correct rate of 100% 4 war Germany lost Portugal?

Octopus Paul? You are out! World Cup new animal has been born: Camel Sha Heen. Up to now, only four games camel predicted all the results are correct and that he had earlier predicted the results tomorrow morning war between Germany and Portugal. Currently only 100% accuracy camel Only camel from Dubai had predicted four games, respectively opener Brazil VS Croatia, Spain VS Netherlands, England

Jun 16,2014

Milutinovic: Japanese referee double standard that no one is willing to host the team out

Hosts Brazil 3-1 Croatia. The whole game Japanese referee Yuichi Nishimura became dispute topic, he became the focus of several penalty.  fifa 14 coins After the game, Sina special expert Milutinovic [microblogging] said, "not to mention the problem of the penalty, the whole game, the Japanese referee there a double standard, of course, this is also the host of advantages reflect, no one

Jun 13,2014

World Cup opener - 2 goals Neymar Brazil 3-1 reversal Oscar mass shooting

(Brazil time at 17:00 on the 12th), the 20th World Cup opener in Sao Paulo Corinthians stadium started, host Brazil 3 1 reversed Croatia, made a good start. Marcelo scored Brazil's first World Cup 98 tablets Own the World Cup for the first time a single session of the first ball is Oolong. Neymar scored twice in the go-ahead score, becoming the first two World Cup opener scored twice in the Brazil

Jun 13,2014