Costa World Cup Dreams ? Spain determined not to go to Brazil with wounded

Diego - Costa will be sidelined for 15 days, his World Cup prospects become a question mark. In an interview with "Aspen" interview, Bosque made ​​it clear that he would assess Diego on Friday - Costa 's injury , he will not go to the World Cup without any casualties . Costa continues the tradition Atletico front of God , before him, Vieri , Torres , Aguero , Forlan , Falcao many supers

May 27,2014

Real Madrid won the city parade celebrating the 11th Casey rhetoric now pursue crown

After the Champions League summit, Real Madrid fly back the same night , and went to the square to celebrate the harvest goddess a lot . 25 evening local time , Real Madrid has conducted a formal celebration. Real Madrid coach Dimitar Berbatov out from Balde Sharansky , the passing Puerta del Sol , and then show the team trophy to the fans on the balcony of City Hall . Then again, the team went to

May 26,2014

Portugal PK Germany : C Lo singled N superstar anti-anti- pass control of the dialogue with

Brazil World Cup Group G , was undoubtedly the most talked about Germany and Portugal. Germany in the last four sessions of doing well in the World Series , the FIFA ranking second highest in the world ; Portugal have the best state of today's football players led by Luo C , FIFA world ranking rose to the third jump . This is a dialogue between two completely different style of team , more holisti

May 26,2014

Barcelona officially announced the signing of Germany 's first summer signing for five years abroad Te Shite root

Spanish giants Barcelona announced the German goalkeeper Marco on the official website - Andre - Teershite root has arrived in Barcelona and went to the Camp Nou with the club was formally signed. Teershite root signing a five-year contract , the contract period to June 30, 2019 . Barcelona officially announced the signing of Germany 's first summer signing for five years abroad Te Shite root Be

May 23,2014

Podolski Interview : German champions are always targets frequented China Town

Before the FA Cup final , I interviewed Podolski in Hampstead heather garden near a bar. Germany striker joined Arsenal has two seasons , the German people have gradually adapted to life in the UK , the weather and the style of football in England . He also told us about his " London Story" , as well as two years of Premiership experience and insights, as well as the outlook for Brazil's

May 23,2014

Courtois : Bayern kick that Atletico Madrid tactics too stupid to learn Dott

This season's Champions League, La Liga giants Real Madrid even Shamir Berk , Dortmund, Bayern Munich three Bundesliga teams advance to the finals.fifa 14 coins Real Madrid will be in the Champions League final this weekend and with Atletico Madrid in La Liga contest , recently in an interview , when Atletico goalkeeper Courtois said the team would like to beat Real Madrid in Dortmund that ga

May 22,2014

So God will undergo surgery meniscus injury sidelined six weeks or farewell World Cup

After the end of the season to concentrate on being ready to return to the World Cup in Uruguay Shinco Premiership Golden Boot Suarez in the national team 's training knee injury . fifa 14 coins Suarez knee meniscus injury , will undergo surgery as soon as possible , after the Soviet God is expected to take four to six weeks to recover , if not timely return from injury , then most likely miss the

May 22,2014

Special assessment - especially love dedicated to a special " Kids" Zanetti

The day before yesterday , and never met an old friend than a decade gathering . We have come together because I like football , and later he went into business with soccer lopsided , and I put this love into a career. They strike a blow case of beer I recognize counseling initiative , " to die, have to stay late at night watching the Spirit ." "Look What ball ? ' " Zanetti car

May 20,2014

Van Gaal was 200 million budget Wish five star goal to regain the league title

Win ! Van Gaal next season, not only to the rate of return to Manchester United in the Champions League , but also to regain the Premier League title from Manchester City in the hands , for the Red Devils generously gave him £ 150 million foreign aid funds to build the championship team. After Van Gaal yesterday formally took office , first received the former Barcelona assistant Mourinho co

May 20,2014

Notice: Delay the Delivery of FIFA 14 Coins

Due to system maintenance of EA Sports, the delivery of FIFA 14 Coins has been delayed from 9 May,2014.The system maintenance of EA Sports ends on 12 May,2014. Here is the  notice of  EA Sports' link  http://

May 14,2014