Balotelli announced the successful suitor! Sun big diamond ring love your wife!

World Cup Jiqiangkaida, Italy striker Balotelli also headed the same team together with the England team preparing for the season opener, but the arrival of this before the war, Balotelli ushered in a moment of happiness, and that is to marry success! Balotelli in their own social network upload a photo wearing a diamond ring and a quiet place, said, "She said 'Yes', which is the most import

Jun 10,2014

Neymar injured in training! Hold your breath hurt all over Brazil who can not hurt him

The whole of Brazil held their breath! Neymar Selecao's top players ankle injury in training, it's Xinxuan up! Training ground in Rio de Janeiro, Neymar accidentally injured, I wonder if the reason the venue, the Brazilian star appeared in the case of right ankle twisted, pain clutching his ankle when he fell to the ground, while Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari and doctor who quickly ran up to s

Jun 10,2014

Warm-up - Serie A scorer hats two assists hole card instigated two goals Italy 5-3

Italy warm-up in Rio de Janeiro, the final 5 to 3 victory over Pakistan A Fluminense.fifa 14 coins  Yinmobilai hat-trick and 2 assists partner Yin Xinie selfless, but the campaign is not an official friendly, historical data and therefore not included in the national team. Fluminense captain Conca [microblogging] assists a ball and instigated a ball. Italy had seven consecutive games wi

Jun 09,2014

Warm-up match - Benzema 2 pass 2 shot Giroux scored 8-0 rout of France freak

An international warm-up match at the Pierre - Maurois Stadium, race, France 8 2-0 home rout of Jamaica, Benzema 2 pass 2 shot, Matuyidi and Gerry Postman scored twice, Cabaye and Giroux each scored. France continued to experiment with the lineup, Benzema, Sissoko, Debussy and playing rotation within Guevara.fifa 14 coins Opening the first two minutes, before Matuyidi a shot was blocked. Aft

Jun 09,2014

Brazil World Cup the most: the shortest than the Japanese team was actually the oldest in Argentina

All 32 World Cup in Brazil tyrannical determined 23-man squad . Reporters these 736 data analysis , summed up a series of World Cup " most" : Who is the oldest player , who was the youngest teenager ? Who 's height number first, who is the shortest ? Which club team players contribute the most, which is the national team players in the league favorite ...... these interesting data from t

Jun 04,2014

The coolest on the 10th ! Neymar a person to revitalize the Brazilian team 1:00 Ronaldinho large Luo

Brazil against Panama 's first 25 minutes of the game , both teams hardly produce any offensive threat , and the scene looked lifeless , but if you turn off the TV Therefore , Neymar then missed the next 65 minutes of entertainment .fifa 14 coins  Samba quasi number one campaign ready audience , tie-breaking ice kick arc , heel pass assists knock Hulk scored the goal to kill the suspense

Jun 04,2014

Warm-up match - Neymar mass shooting meritorious deeds Hao Ke Weilian Brazil 4-0 in Panama

A World Cup warm-up match in Goias Sierra - Du Lada Stadium, as a result, with the goal, hosts Brazil beat Panama 4-0 , Neymar , Alves, Hulk and William each into a ball. Warm-up - Neymar mass shooting meritorious deeds Hao Ke Weilian Brazil 4-0 in Panama Earlier in 1953, the two teams had two friendlies and 2001 meet, when the underdog against the US Zhezhi , Selecao always did unflinchingly ,

Jun 04,2014

Real Madrid Champions League fetched Omar competing 50,000,000 57,500,000 42,000,000 Barca only

In the Champions League this season , a total of four Spanish teams participating. Hutch final rendezvous Madrid , Barcelona failed to reach the semi-finals , Real Sociedad were eliminated in the group stage . According to " Marca " reported that Real Madrid Champions League this season for all teams fetched the highest 57.5 million euros , Barcelona is only 42 million euros of income .

Jun 03,2014

World Cup Golden Boot Odds: C Ronaldo Messi third most popular racing injuries Su God

Brazil World Cup next week will pull the curtain , the world 's eyes will be focused on the fans to soccer kingdom. In the World Cup, many Aspect , the top scorer of the competition will be very intense, " Daily Mail" inventory of the most likely to win the Big 10 's top scorer in front of God , let us look at the last in the end who is able to claim the Golden Boot . C Lo past season o

Jun 03,2014

Crazy for 2014 World Cup of Brazil--Fifa1314 Great Promotion Storm

  2014 World Cup of Brazil is around the corner,so do you really prepare very well to be a master-hand pro in fifa14 game and for its arrival and high with WC 2014? prepares a great promotion for all of awesome fifa gamers and fans! During May,30th .2014 to Jun 29th.2014, if you come to, you will get: 1,Register Member. If you register on our site to be a new

May 30,2014