Unsuccessful World Cup England star: Chelsea 2 Manchester City Arsenal veteran talent

England manager Roy Hodgson announced to participate in the Brazilian World Cup 23-man squad.fifa 14 coins After the published list, some laughter someone cry, let's look at those regrets failed to qualify for the World Cup squad of England players.   Injuries are a major factor in the natural obstacle of the players can not do. Outstanding performance in the World Cup qualifiers in To

May 13,2014

Inter jersey on the 4th quarter will retire legendary Zanetti par Facchetti

According to Italian media reports, the team worked hard to pay tribute to the nearly 20-year-old captain Javier Zanetti,fifa 14 coins Inter Club will at the end of the season, so the team's No. 4 jersey Sa retired SA team will also be following the late legendary side After Wei Facchetti, and get a jersey retired Inter-winning star.   European Sports: Inter Milan Zanetti jersey retire

May 13,2014

Rooney resort with healing therapist Hodgson non broker "goings"

England manager Roy Hodgson on May 12 issued a World Cup 23-man squad, Manchester United ace Rooney no doubt selected.FIFA 14 Coins However, the chubby, the moment the most important, is to restore and retrieve competitive state as soon as possible. You know, in the World Cup finals, Rooney has not yet been to the ball. Rooney resort with healing therapist   Since Manchester Unite

May 13,2014

12 people in Europe ! Japan the World Cup a record after blasting Korea Iran

Japan coach Alberto Zaccheroni officially announced the list of 23 World Cup in Brazil to participate in the NPC . It is worth noting that, in the 23-man squad in the Japanese national team , the players in Europe reached 12 , which also created a number of Japan's national team in the World Cup players in Europe a new high . To know the list of previously announced the World Cup two Asian teams I

May 12,2014

Japan's World Cup 23-man squad announced : Kagawa Honda led 12 people in Europe

Japan Football Association held a press conference , the Japanese national team coach Alberto Zaccheroni officially announced the list of 23 World Cup in Brazil to participate in the NPC . The list of 12 people to play in European football , one of the most well-known natural is Manchester United 's Shinji Kagawa , AC Milan in the effectiveness of Keisuke Honda , as well as the effectiveness of th

May 12,2014

Earthquake! Guardiola put relentless Manchester City this summer, senior secret agreement airborne exposure

"I'm in Bayern, I still want to be on two years to complete my contract. Bundesliga champions we've got, FIFA 14 coins I still want to do better." Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in the first leg last month before the war, when asked whether likely to take over Manchester United, Guardiola so answer. However, after just two weeks, the situation is dramatic reversal occurs. According to th

May 06,2014

Inter Milan signed Brazil defended waist about four years and then grab early exposure 15,000,000 Atletico Tetsuei

Milan derby result is not satisfactory, FIFA 14 COINS there are two rounds in the case of the war in Europe next season seats can not ensure that the efforts of the international Milan need more than just inside the stadium, but also adding new forces. In striker, midfielder, defender three lines, Inter Milan have their own goals. Dzeko, Morata, Torres, which is three goals in Inter Milan's forwa

May 06,2014

AC Milan giant predators exposure dinner secret negotiations reinforcements would then grab the Serie A when Red Star

Milan derby, Lamy and Tara bout two new signings starting to play, and this winter has just two players on loan to whether the future can leave, but also slowly coming to an end when the season becomes clear up. "The results of the competition, I am very happy for the fans, the team and his teammates happy, FIFA 14 coins three years later, we finally beat Inter Milan in the derby." Tara

May 06,2014

Manchester United, Bayern 37 million core countdown! Chairman of a whole sentence scared

As Europe's largest circulation daily newspaper, the German "Bild" little football transfer rumors will be based on hearsay evidence on the front page of a precedent, but with Manchester United, Bayern general Muller was squeezed into the scandal headlines. For Bayern fans, this is obviously a very worrying signal. Since Van Gaal's highly recommended and preferences, Muller has jumped m

May 06,2014

Exposed Chelsea star Mike Mussina freak curse : you are playing you regret buying you !

Mourinho hung up ! Champions League exit , and took home no less than relegation Norwich 's results so crazy difficult to accept, according to British media reports ,FIFA 14 Coins at halftime , the players could not help but madman angry .   " Daily Mail" exclusive disclosure , Mourinho witnessed the team after a bad first half , stormed back to the locker room at halftime and the

May 05,2014