A Ming Basa fans views on Real Madrid 0-5 Bayern Munich

Guardiola should take responsibility ,FIFA 14 Coins but that is not all the fault of Guardiola , Guardiola by adhering to more than tactical mistake.   Bayern Munich 0-4 Real Madrid , two rounds 0-5 , Guardiola coached Bayern Munich shame to leave the 2013/ 14 season's Champions League stage , the score as Barcelona 2012 /14 season as shame. But when people think of losing ground ball footb

Apr 30,2014

AC Milan share 14 goals with nine assists in 34 games for demon front bar of God was worth 20 million cut Real Madrid

Outside of Paris Saint-Germain, Monaco and Manchester United, Mediaset said Balotelli's potential new owner has added a new goal, and that is the Turkish giants Galatasaray. If God went to Pakistan where he will meet once in Manchester,FIFA 14 Coins when Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini, as well as in the era of his teammates Inter Sneijder. And in addition to the continuous emergence of new idea

Apr 29,2014

Hit 150 million! British media exposure Manchester United next season God Feng Hao array 80,000,000 + Des King

With Moyes class, Giggs served as interim coach,FIFA 14 Coins coupled with Manchester United [microblogging] [microblogging] official coach next season selection process is progressing steadily, news about the Red Devils summer signings will naturally become the focus of attention of the outside world. "Daily Mail" will be dedicated to the author on the lineup next season, the Red Devils

Apr 29,2014

PFA Premier League best array: Sue God brought Chelsea Liverpool 3 Manchester City 3 tiger + binary

England [microblogging] Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) announced the 2013-14 season the best team performance of the season to join his teammates brave Suarez and Steven Gerrard into which Sturridge,FIFA 14 Coins Chelsea [microblogging] [microblogging] have Azar, Cahill and Cech selected, Manchester City [microblogging] [microblogging]'s Yaya - Toure and Kompany [microblogging] was am

Apr 28,2014

"FIFA 14" PS4 with the bundle group 3 May Offer Game Features Introduction

Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan (SCET) 24 announced that it will launch "" FIFA14 "PlayStation4 with bales group in Taiwan on May 3," including PS4 host, FIFA 14 Coins PS4 game "FIFA 14" and a month PSPlus will membership, suggested retail price 14,480 yuan.   "FIFA 14" produced by the EASPORTS wonderful simulation game, with new technology and tac

Apr 28,2014

C Lo : Portugal is not a popular retired after the World Cup football coach when I'm not

I always wanted to play. "C Lo accepted Croatian media " Sportske Novosti " bare their feelings .   "I always wanted to play the game and I enjoy playing football because football is my job , as my passion. Except my own initiative ,FIFA 14 Coins I enjoy myself every game , it makes me very relaxed in the most good condition and I 've been looking to improve , to complet

Apr 25,2014

"FIFA OL 3" does not delete files fanatical version introduces new content

In this "FIFA Online 3" does not delete files fanatical version adds some new content and gameplay. Mainly the locker room and player data update system , take a look at it !   Locker system   The beta version does not delete files appear in the biggest bright spot is rumored locker system. In previous versions ,FIFA 14 Coins "EA SPORTS? FIFA Online 3" game player

Apr 25,2014

Van Buyten arrived in Madrid star father passed away on urgent to return home

Bayern team has arrived in Madrid started preparing for the Champions League semi-final , but Bayern 's list we find the two missing : veteran Van Buyten of Belgium and Denmark teenager Hoy Bigger .FIFA 14 Coins Veteran Van Buyten had just arrived back in Madrid Munich handled immediately formalities had his wife in labor , Van Buyten to get back to accompany his wife . Bayern teenager Hoy Bigger

Apr 23,2014

Small Gaddafi - Libya's most notorious players

The name can be a very powerful thing , especially in this day and almost nothing can go beyond the barriers of the era of electronic media .   In this superficial age, your name is likely to become one of the most decisive factor , determines the others think of you , or even to decide your fate . When we think about the fate of Saadi Gaddafi ( commonly known as small football Gaddafi ) ,

Apr 23,2014

Rummenigge: Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey glad this will distract the attention of the Champions League

 Real Madrid is about to usher in the Champions League at home to challenge defending champion Bayern, expand "European derby" contest, one of those places the two teams battle for the Champions League final. Recent state fiery Real Madrid, the team just last week beat Barcelona won the Spanish King's Cup.FIFA 14 Coins Bayern is slightly depressed state of the team in the Bundesliga

Apr 22,2014