Leaked footage suggests FIFA 18 could resurrect a beloved classic game

A full two decades have passed since the best ever FIFA game, FIFA Road to World Cup 98. Of course, we all know why it was so good. It wasn’t anything to do with the graphics, or the use of Blur’s ‘Song 2’. It wasn’t even related to the fact that you could still deliberately foul the opposition goalkeeper. No, the best part of FIFA Road to World Cup 98 was the indoor

Aug 23,2017

FIFA 18 Gamescom trailer confirms feet, balls

Good news for anybody worried that FIFA 18 would be missing either feet or balls, this new trailer confirms them both. If it feels like I’m reaching for material here, it’s because the video doesn’t really do a whole lot else. It shows some goals and celebrations from FIFA 18, and gives you an idea what some of the more famous players will looks like in game. and also these cheap

Aug 22,2017

FIFA 18 best players ranked for Career Mode

Looking for the best players in FIFA 18? EA Sports has now produced the official ranking of the top 50 players in its upcoming football game and it’s no surprise to see Ronaldo and Messi sit right at the top of the list. do you agree the ratings? if you do not agree it, you can contact us to share your idea with everyone. and also you can buy fifa 18 ps4 coins from our site. If you're still

Aug 21,2017

About 10 Rumours of FIFA 18 we Need To Know

Anticipation is at a fever pitch to dive right into FIFA 18 and start another 12 months of online battles with friends, late-night Career Mode marathons and endless debates about whether or not EA are still scripting those dodgy last-minute CPU goals. EA's football juggernaut is upon us yet again. That September 29 release date can't come soon, but with just over a full coins fifa 18 to go before

Aug 18,2017

FIFA 18 Preview

They say there are some things which are certain, but neither of them has anything on FIFA. It is arguably the longest-running, regularly published video game, and having been coming out for the past 23 years it pretty much already perfected the formula. Is there anything left for FIFA 18 to improve? One of the cooler features of FIFA 17 was story mode, featuring a budding career player Alex FUT 1

Aug 17,2017

More EA Games Could Come to Switch If FIFA 18 Does Well

Electronic Arts could release more games on the Nintendo Switch if the Switch version of FIFA 18 sells well. The fifa18 game releasses on September 29. "I’ve made people repeatedly, publicly aware that I’m a gigantic Nintendo fanboy. Nintendo was what got me into this industry in the first place. I take my Switch with me everywhere," executive vice president Patrick Söde

Aug 16,2017

The FIFA 18 Story Mode Still Won’t Let You Slug Gareth Walker

It’s been no surprise for the past few months that the FIFA 18 story mode will be continuing the story of Alex Hunter, with everything that entails; players will be taking Hunter to new heights of FIFA stardom, however there’s one thing you won’t be able to do. Walker serves as the player’s rival in “The Journey”, the story mode that began in FIFA 17. He actuall

Aug 15,2017


“I’ve made people repeatedly, publicly aware that I’m a gigantic Nintendo fanboy. fifa 18 ps4 coins was what got me into this industry in the first place. I take my Switch with me everywhere,” Söderlund enthused to EDGE in their October issue, when asked why EA seems more wary of new technology that it isn’t sure about. FIFA 18 will release for Nintendo Switch wo

Aug 14,2017

FIFA 18 Soundtrack Leaked By Someone

When it comes to video game information, and now the FIFA 18 soundtrack is no exception. And also you can buy fut 18 coins from our site. Some anonymous gamer that was able to get access to the music that will be in the game has leaked parts of the soundtrack onto the FIFA 18 subreddit on Reddit through the beta. In order to find FIFA-like music that would be suitable for the gam

Aug 11,2017

FIFA 18 Beta Invitations Are Being Sent Out

As the release date for FIFA 18 gets closer and closer, invitations for the FIFA 18 beta invitations are being sent out to those that qualify for it, likely those that have pre-ordered a certain version of the game. And also you can buy fifa 18 coins from our site. The beta is also a fairly massive one, totaling around 34 gigabytes in size. FIFA 18 is the latest in the long line of FIFA games t

Aug 10,2017